Your recovery has to be more important than any potential short term or long term weight gain you may put on.


The fear of weight gain is so deeply ingrained in our society (mainly the American population).

Billion dollar industries exist to make sure that we do not accept our bodies as they are.

Exploring how come we are so afraid to gain weight is vital to our success in this journey.

The more we explore this, the quicker we will see results.

Why was I scared to gain weight?

Because I didn’t think I would be attractive,
 I didn’t think I would or could be loveable,
 that I would be abandoned if I put on weight,
 that I would be rejected.

Is it really true?

That if you did put on weight, that you would be unloveable?

I know many big women who are loved.

My Auntie isn’t a small woman.

But when I look at her, when I’m with her,
 I don’t focus on her weight,
 I couldn’t care less if she weighed 20 pounds more or 20 pounds less.

I love her because of the beauty she exudes from the inside.
 She is loveable to me because of her kind heart,
 Because she can make me laugh,
 Because she’s quirky and fun,
 Because she makes me feel good about myself when I’m with her.

How different would you be without the thought that putting on weight means you are unloveable?

Really close your eyes and imagine it.

Are you more present with your friends, with your loved ones?

Do you love deeper and connect more?

Do you quit worrying about every single thing you are and aren’t going to eat?

Feel how freeing that feeling is, even if it’s just for a moment.

That is possible for a lifetime.

We must question our thoughts and go through a filtering process of,

“Does this thought serve me in my life?”


“Where does this thought serve me and where doesn’t it serve me.”