what do you REALLY want to do?


I just finished up watching a live call with Danielle LaPorte, and she is fucking something amazing.

She oozes self-love and badassery.

During the live call she was talking about having millions and billions, and she said, “what do you need a billion dollars for?”

It got me thinking.

We grow up fantasying and imagining what we want our life to look like if we could ‘HAVE IT ALL’, (a lot of it brainwashed into us by social media and advertising by the way)... the luxury million dollar apartment by the beach, the expensive lingerie, the fancy car.. blah blah blah,

it’s so defaulted into our heads, that we don’t think to QUESTION if those are the things we really, TRULY want and desire in order to live abundantly.

And so we continue to look at our lives now and compare them to this IDEAL that may not be what we truly want anyway! It’s ridiculous!

One of my measures of success up until recently has been: being a millionaire.

That was my epitome of success. That’s how I thought you knew that you had ‘MADE IT’ in the world and as a business woman.

As I begun questioning the why behind that desire, delving deep into what that million would bring me, how it would change my life, I begun to see that what I truly wanted and desired wasn’t so much to be a millionaire, it was to feel safe, to feel secure, to feel independent, to feel proud of myself, to feel accomplished, to feel responsible, to feel okay, to feel worthy.

Now, these are core beliefs you guys. Coreeee beliefs.

What this realisation now allows me to do, is to slowly, step by step, take steps to detach feeling worthy to this goal.

I can feel worthy without making a million dollars.

I can feel accomplished and proud of myself without making a SINGLE cent more.

AND, that is a fuck load of pressure to put on a goal and on myself!

Does it mean I don’t want to be a millionaire? No.

That I’m not too sure of yet.

It means I don’t NEED to be a millionaire in order to feel successful in my own eyes or use that future goal as a barrier to feeling accomplished, successful, proud, and worthy of myself right now.

Action steps:

What are the top 3 markers for you being successful in your career, relationships, health?

If you were to wake up tomorrow morning and have those markers for success come to fruition, be honest with yourself, and question whether that thing is what you really, truly desire and is a true marker for YOUR success, is a true desire for YOU, not what someone else wants for you, and not something that will make you appear a certain way to other people.

Mel xx