“You can’t climb the Ladder of Success, with your hands in your Pockets!”

Arnold Schwarzenegger 5th time Mr. Olympia

Everyone wants success. But everyone has their own perception of it, and that is the definition of success we work with.

We crave success regardless of our social status or circumstances. But what most of us forget in this fight for success is consistency and persistence. Success is not a quick trip. Success is achieved. Success comes after failures!

As humans, we forget that to reach a certain point we need to give our full effort. We tend to forget that success is a continuous journey and this journey ends when we achieve inner peace.

Success is finding out what we love and fighting for that.

The idea of the “American Dream” symbolizes what I’m trying to say. The proverbial American fights for what he wanted to achieve, no matter how many obstacles he has to pass through. There will be people who discourage him, he will achieve what he wants with great determination and confidence in himself.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an embodied of the American dream, though he isn’t originally American. He once said;

“You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.”

Here is a megastar with a true “from rags to riches” tale. His story is a picture of great struggle and determination towards the American dream.

It all started when he saw an image of Rag Park in the Mr. Universe magazine. His eyes set on the prestigious Mr. Junior title, Arnold where he wanted himself in the future.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Transformation Journey

Even before this at a young age, he took a keen interest in bodybuilding. Brought up in a strict village where his father wanted him to join the military, he never pushed away his dream. When everyone in the military training camp slept from all the exhaustion of the day, Arnie got up to work out for 3 more hours. And then wake up in the morning early to again start the training.

He never lost hope and left military training to compete as a bodybuilder, and won. He not only established himself as the best in the bodybuilding world, but smartly invested in his studies and also paved his way towards the celebrity world.

What makes Arnold stand out among bodybuilders is that he simply didn’t identify himself as a bodybuilder. He also became a great actor, popularly known as “Terminator”, and also went on to become a movie producer. But that’s not all; he even became the Governor of California!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivation Workout

His success story is phenomenal for everyone who wants to learn that the right attitude paves the way towards success. He continues to inspire the generations to not to compromise and have respect for the commitment they make to themselves.

The key is to focus and visualize your goals. Arnold‘s story depicts that attitude is the blueprint for the rest of your life. He worked for it. No one handed it to him. He worked hard for it all.

We can conclude that success requires passion and refusal to give up. That is how we can all conquer what life throws at us, and succeed.

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