The first thing I think of when I hear of the Dakota Pipeline is Shailene Woodley’s recent arrest and her personal media coverage of it. She made sure to have it filmed on Facebook live and post bail has done many interviews. She is using her fame as a platform to bring more awareness to the causes. Although she may not have direct ties she feels passionate about the cause and has made friends in her protest, some of which have still be released from jail.

I went directly to twitter to see how the hashtag was being used and how individuals are contributing to the conversation.

Among the top hits when looking through Twitter is the NoDAPL official account.

The account links to an official website featuring top news hits on what is going on with the protest and the pipeline. You can see media interviews, articles, YouTube videos, and articles about the situation.

ABC News has created a timeline in regards to the Dakota Pipeline for easier understanding. Some individuals may not have up to date knowledge of the Pipeline, until recently when celebrities have started lending their fame for a voice to the cause.

It seems as though these protesters are not going anywhere.

And there has been a spiritual aspect to the land in the sense of this magic moment caught on camera. Bison through the area remind us that this is a natural matter as well. There are large environmental impacts that can occur because of the pipeline.