My First Rock Show

A month before my birthday I received the most exciting email I’ve ever received — a ticket to the Seether show at Marks Park on May 20th. Today is May 21st and I can officially say that I’ve been to a rock show. And it was epic.

When Seether announced they were returning for the first show in South Africa in over five years and for a concert only ten days after my birthday it was meant to be that I attend my first rock show. And my cousins thought so too. The ticket I received via email was an early birthday present from them. They clearly know me well.

The show was scheduled for Sunday afternoon, with four opening acts ahead of Seether: Hellcats, Deity’s Muse, Francois van Coke and CrashCarBurn. We couldn’t have asked for better weather; it might have been May but the sun was out and the air was warm. I’d tell you that the beer was cold but I’m not a fan of beer, however, the Bacardi was fantastic.

We slowly started making our way towards the front of the stage two bands before Seether was scheduled to play. You see, I’m short, really short, and I needed to be very close to the stage to be able to see anything around all the average-height people standing around us. And by the time CrashCarBurn was halfway through their set, we’d made it to the second row where we could see around the tall guy up front enough to make out the bass player on stage. CrashCarBurn was awesome, playing the perfect mix of old and new songs to keep my cousin jumping excitedly beside me. Her enthusiasm was catching and, even though I didn’t know many of their songs before the concert, she had me singing along and I was a full convert by the end of their set.

But all the opening acts just served to build the suspense for the main event, the band we’d all come out to see, the headliners: Seether. They came on just as the sun was setting to a raucous crowd who had been patiently waiting…alright, we weren’t patient as we chanted for the band but who could blame us? It was Seether! And man, were we ecstatic from the moment we first spotted Shaun Morgan climbing the stairs up to the stage to sling his guitar strap over his chest. From then on there wasn’t a quiet person in the crowd as they cheered, screamed, sang and jumped enthusiastically on the grass below the stage. The bass rattled through my chest exhilaratingly, the guitars screamed beautifully. And Shaun Morgan’s brilliant voice echoed around us, deep and euphoric as he sang, grinned and ripped into his electric guitar.

Seether started playing as the sun set

I didn’t notice as the sky grew slowly darker and slightly cooler, the music, flashing lights and dancing people around me taking away all focus on what was happening outside the rock show bubble of pure bliss I was in. Seether played all my favourite songs from ‘Words As Weapons’ to ‘Fine Again’ and my absolute favourite ‘Fake It’, the line ‘Fake it if you don’t belong’ ringing especially true. Although, right in that moment, I felt as though I was exactly where I was meant to be. I was surrounded by like-minded people who felt the same intense thrill as I did watching Seether perform energetically. I felt as though I had finally found my happy place and I didn’t want to leave.

I couldn’t have told you how long Seether played for, only that, not matter how long it was, it wasn’t enough. When they played the final song, perfect as it was to play ‘Remedy’ last, it seemed much too soon for them to be leaving the stage. I was in a state of pure ecstasy and it was all due to them and their incredible performance.

When they left the stage and the lights dulled, my throat was hoarse and I couldn’t hear clearly. And it was all completely worth it.

I am also officially hooked on attending live shows. I thought they were brilliant on YouTube but they are a hundred times more incredible in person. I need another rock show. Soon.

Thank you Seether for the most epic rock show!

The pick my cousin caught for me at the show




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