Quantstamp– the Protocol for Securing Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are of great interest to a lot of people who want to explore blockchain technology.

Vision for auditing is simple: More Automation, Higher Security and Lower Cost.

Services such as Quantstamp make it easier to secure smart contracts as that remains somewhat of a problem these days.

It is evident the concept of smart contracts is well appreciated by developers all over the world.

We have seen a fair few issues with smart contracts over the past few months so far- all of which could have been easily avoided — and securing smart contracts has proven to be far more difficult than most people realise.

This is where Quantstamp comes into the picture- even though it remains to be seen how its efforts will fare in the long run.

The team’s goal is to establish a new protocol to secure smart contracts. Importantly, they are doing so by introducing scalable proofs-of-audit.

The project’s proof-of-audit protocol removes any centralization from the auditing process.

The Auditing Network

Quantstamp is a specialized network that connects developers, investors and users around a transparent and scalable proof-of-audit.The network acts as a critical piece of transparency by enabling automated checks on smart contract vulnerabilities and automatically rewarding verifiers who identify bugs. Quantstamp tokens allow the platform to operate in a scalable and fully decentralized fashion, delivering computation fees to verifier nodes, and bounties for locating vulnerabilities.

At the end smart contracts without Quantstamp are less secure. That way the market will be pushed to ‘quantstamped’ the smartcontracts. That means huge market. I am very excited about the concept and the team behind this.

See for more details the Whitepaper https://docsend.com/view/shcsmhe

Huge interest available on Telegram, which is one of the first requirements. ICO yet to come in November 2017.

CEO Richard M gives states in https://medium.com/quantstamp/what-an-amazing-week-61fa14a3bc30 how it works regarding the preceding token sales. If possible get your hands on it. Looks very interesting and promising. At the moment of writing Telegram members are already almost 9K and still growing. On the ICO reviews Quantstamp is mostly within top 3 ! With long-term profit indication.

So dive into it, at least understand why securing smart contracts is important.

Before investing first do your own investigation and research.

I am just a passionate fan of Quantstamp :-) bringing the Blockchain technology step further.

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