Informational Interview

I called to my friend from my personal network to get some information regarding job and company. He is working as Assistant Purchaser in Arshad Group Faisalabad. So let’s have a look of this informational interview.

Q1: JahanZaib! What is your designation in Arshad Group?

A: Assistant Purchaser.

Q2: Do you have any problem with job timing/?

A: No, I’ve no problem with job timing. If the timing is 9 AM to 5 PM but these working hours are more flexible rather than banking sector. In which you have to sit there till your closing of balances.

Q3: What is the actual job description of your job?

A: To deal with the sellers and buyers and manage all accounts data in this regard on Oracle Database. And also to submits cheques in banks and clear bills.
 Q4: Do you think you are satisfied with your job?
 A: Yes, I’m satisfied with this job as Working hours and working environment are very flexible and well.

Q5: What is the process of promotion in your current organization and how quickly?

A: Process of promotion is on seniority bases and it also depends on employees’ performances.

Q6: At which point you see yourself after 5–10 years?

A: I see myself a Purchasing Manager in next 5 years.

Q7: Are you happy with environment of your organization?

A: Yes, the environment of my organization is very good and work friendly.

Q8: If you get some better opportunity in another company, do you prefer to leave your current organization? Explain.

A: It depends on job offered. If new job offer will be better than current and will be offered by a more reputed organization then I ‘ll definitely go to job offered.

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