Amal fellowship is a life-long journey for me. Every interaction is beautiful, productive, and full of positivity. Communication skills, business mindset, entrepreneurial ideas, expressing, and entertaining videos are all that I was looking for and got under the fellowship umbrella.

A beautiful journey with beautiful fellows and adorable mentors makes my life more beautiful ever. I explore my inner potential and become a better version.

Every interaction is impactful, but the most impactful is Amal circle three mega project work. I have been working on hunger eradication idea with my friends long ago. But Amal allows making it more professional and carries at a larger scale.

My fellows are my support. We did everything very well, co-operating with each other. Always ready to help. It also opens my eyes to teamwork magic. Yes, teamwork is magical. It makes complicated things easy, helps to cross obstacles smoothly.

I’m grateful to my circle members, Hadia, Muneeba, and Khushbakht. It’s because of their never giving up attitude and problem-solving approach that we are doing well. We worked together. When it comes to explaining beautifully and understandably, I can’t forget to mention Khushbakht. When it comes to moral support, how can I forget to mention Hadia? And yes, Muneeba, quite an introverted but talented girl.

Looking back, I would always prefer teamwork when it comes to large projects. Go with love, kindness, gratitude in my life with my better version and clear thoughts.

Thanks to all my beautiful, talented fellows and adorable mentors. Because of you, the journey is beautiful to live every moment and capture memory.