How Trump Could Win
umair haque

Beautifully said…

I supported Bernie Sanders prior to Clinton’s nomination and am still vehemently against the concept of a Trump presidency. However, ever since the first Republican debate last August, I’ve had this niggling sensation, an uneasiness in my gut, that suggested that this guy might actually win.

It had nothing to do with what he said and everything to do with the way he acted. Trump is entirely unlike any political candidate in television history and in a land ruled by images standing out is really all it takes to generate a following. If you re-watch that August 6th, 2015 debate (as well as any of those that followed) you can oftentimes catch Trump looking to his left and right to see how the other candidates behave before reacting in a flamboyant display of animated movements or raising his hand to agree on matters that none of the other candidates seem to be (at least non-verbally) interested in. I don’t know whether this was intentional or not on his behalf, but it has proven to be extremely effective.

To make matters worse, American politicians have disarmed themselves by weakening the legitimacy of oratory and verbal argument. Politicians have been saying one thing and doing another for the past thirty years. People are so frustrated by the dissonance between what they hear and what they see that they are abandoning politicians altogether and latching onto anyone (anything?) that is remotely unlike them. Add the backfire effect of confirmation bias to this whole fiasco and we may end up with Trump in office…

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