Blocklist: Name and shame Q1 2017

Ever since I became a woke Twitter blocklord, I promised I would do a name and shame of bad twitter people who I have blocked. I will now deliver on that promise.

Blocked for poor sense of humor

Comfortably Smug has a running joke, “You are not a wolf, and this is the land of wolves now”. I thought this was funny, and RT’d it.

Some guy replied “Suspect law-loving citizens must be acutely reminded of this periodically. Rule of law not the natural state of things, takes work”


What a fool!

He will definitely be ripped apart by wolves in this new world!

Blocked for sharing bad Medium posts

Some guy shared this shitty clickbait post about “Trump and Brexit”. Please, don’t be basic.

Blocked for stupidity

I was laughing at prediction markets for adjusting their likelihood of Marine le Pen winning, based on the results of the Dutch election, an unrelated event.

Perfectly informed rational agents, I joked.

Some guy replies, telling me it makes sense if polls have correlated error.

There are some obvious objections to this, such as, Europe is not one country. They use different polls, in fact they speak different languages.

But I was more offended by the suggestion that I ~hadn’t thought of that~ until this kind gentleman pointed it out. So I blocked him.

Blocked for lameness

I joked that the Fearless Girl statue, if she was truly a neoliberal feminist, should be RIDING the Wall St Bull. Some guy replied “logistically harder to implement”.

I was sorry to block this guy, since he was my former roommate, but bad jokes require swift and severe retaliation.

Blocked for stupid question

This other guy included me in a list of a bunch of other tech twitter accounts, mass asking the question — should Twitter the company go subscription-based?

A subject that has been done to death, and I have no special insights on. This was just a spam question, block.

Blocked for excessive empiricism

This applies to several people. I say something, then they post a graph or single study which apparently “debunks” it.

Little do they know, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence!

I sometimes wonder if these Twitter empiricists suffer from the mental illness known as low latent inhibition, where the brain treats new stimuli in an abnormally similar way to old stimuli, thereby attaching significance to random noise, and forming disjoint, paranoid narratives to explain it.

Blocked for mentioning ‘Brooklyn’ and ‘band’

Some guy shared this. It was so boring and annoying in tone, I couldn’t finish the article. So I just blocked him.

Blocked for questioning me

Some guy replied to my GIGABORE post, saying I had cherry-picked examples. His rebuttal was a few tweets, with his own cherry-picked examples. Sad, really. Since I block anyone who questions me, I blocked him too.

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