New Year, New Me

Dear 2018 Me,

Congratulations! You’ve made it through yet another year on this place that we call earth. Truly, with the way that things are going on, that is quite the accomplishment. But this is a new year, which means… NEW YOU!

This IS the start to a new chapter in your epic book. A new semester in school. A new year to change the thoughts people may have of you. Be the positive change that you are capable of.

Resolutions are never something that you have been good at. You make them and days later, you forget what they are, so just don’t do it. Make goals! Write them down in a journal, in your notes on your phone so you can go back to them later. Make small term goals that can be achieved in that day or week.

You… are the town joker. Make people smile. That is something that you are good at, sometimes without even trying. But be that person that can brighten people’s day when their day isn’t going fantastic. Always have a pocket joke. Even if it is really bad, that might be just that people need to put a smile on their face. Share your contagious smile with everyone you meet.

Be there for your friends. They are you friends for a reason, show them that you are there for them. Even if you can’t be there physically, just let them know that you are there as an outlet, a shoulder to cry on, or to give advice. It might make you feel helpless, but sometimes it is all people need.

Be more open minded to the opportunities that you are given. Sometimes you are known to not want to do things because you do not know what is going to happen. Last semester you took the risk of playing soccer again and sure you were not a regular starter, but you did get back in shape a little and made some new friends and have something to work toward for next season. Though, you better start running up Drago now cause I feel like you’re going to be doing that kind of often.

Go on spontaneous adventures. Sure they might lead you to dead ends, but sometimes those dead ends will lead you to beautiful things. Take some risks! Some things might not go well, but hey, maybe you will have an unexpectedly good surprise. Do not let the fear of striking out, take you out of the game completely.

Stop beating yourself up about stupid things. They passed. It’s over. You are good at not holding grudges, unless the person is yourself, so stop holding that grudge. You are not a bad person. Sure sometimes you might make shitty mistakes, but sometime in everyone’s life they make some too. It’s just a part of being human.

Also, pat yourself on the back when you do good things. Some accomplishments do not happen too often and when they do, they deserve appreciation, so don’t fight it, just soak it in for a moment. Accept praise when it is given. Accept advice when people give it to you, don’t push it away.

Do more of what you love. Even though you are going to be wrapped up in academics, take your Saturday’s before softball season to do something for yourself. Whether that is catching up on Riverdale, going for a walk, or hanging out with friends. Do not let any distraction take up your entire day off because you need that time to relax and rejuvenate so that during the week you do not snap at anyone because if that person ends up being one of your friends, you are NOT going to feel good with yourself.

A new year though, also means NO EXCUSES!!! A little bit of time to relax is healthy, but do not make too big of a habit because now you are going to be more busy than you were last semester, especially with academics and if you want your GPA to rise, then you have to focus. This is not difficult, but as always, it is easier said than done.

Share more of yourself. Your life has been filled with so many different things and you choose to share very few of those things to many people. open up a little.

Discover the reason why you get out of bed every morning. Not just because you have a commitment and you alarm went off, but the real reason. Why do you keep living in the first place?

Follow that quote that is on your door; “Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift.” 2017 is history. Most of 2018 is a mystery but you have a say is how you would like it to go, so show the world what you can do, but for today, just LIVE! Be in the moment. Laugh uncontrollably. Blast music. Enjoy the little things.

Lastly, be thankful.

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