Non — metallic mineral grinding equipment selection

Ore is a mineral assemblage that is mined from the ore body and from which useful components (elements, compounds or minerals) can be extracted. Ore is formed in a variety of geological mineralization, different geological mineralization of the formation of the ore has different characteristics, generally divided into poor ore, ordinary ore and rich ore, sometimes divided into lean ore and rich ore, which There is no uniform standard of division, generally each industrial sector and mining areas have their own calculation range. In the field of mine crushing, the ore is divided into two categories: metal ore and nonmetallic ore according to the characteristics of mineral minerals and utilization.
US non-metallic mineral reserves, the category is complete, has proven more than 760 mining area, the total reserves of 14.93 billion tons of sulfur, ranking second in the world. The main varieties are diamond, graphite, natural sulfur, pyrite, wollastonite, talc, feldspar, barite, calcite, fluorite, limestone, bentonite, granite and so on. With the increase in market demand and the continuous improvement of the milling process, the utilization of non-metallic minerals is also increasing, such as calcite, both in the metallurgical industry as a flux, can also be used in the construction industry to produce Limestone, limestone, lime and lime are used as a building material, but also an important raw material for many industrial production; talc used more, such as refractory materials, paper, pesticide absorbent, rubber filler, leather coatings and so on.
Today’s market for grinding non-metallic mineral processing equipment mainly coarse powder mill, fine powder mill and ultra-fine powder mill, with the mill’s technological development and industrial production of raw materials to improve the requirements , By SBE production of fine powder processing equipment LM ore vertical mill more and more by the market of all ages. LM ore vertical mill is designed for non-metallic mineral grinding and its main advantages in: First, the integrated design, the system is simple, compact layout, can greatly reduce investment costs. Second, the roller in the disc directly crushed grinding material, and not direct contact, low energy consumption, long life. Third, the external access to hot air direct drying materials, adjust the hot air temperature to meet the requirements of different humidity materials. Fourth, equipped with automatic control system and limit device, to avoid destructive shock and vibration, easy operation and maintenance. 5, the material in the roller mill to stay a short time, can quickly determine the calibration of chemical composition and fineness, quality and stability. Six, the use of fully sealed system, the system under the negative pressure operation, no dust, clean and clean.

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