Cigars & Pipes

Few thoughts about smoking that I want to write about it. So firstly I want to say, I'm not a heavy-smoker and moreover I'm not a smoker at all and smoking for me was quite a fun or a bit stylish thing which I always wanted to do. I decided to try to smoke a pipe when I read Sherlock Holmes as he was the great detective of all time, so I wanted to be as Sherlock. Of course, he had not so good habits as smoking and use drugs but he was only a fiction character, while I’m a real person who live in a real life. So my opinion is why I tried to smoke and how I felt after smoking was - simple I had a strong image of interesting figure as Sherlock and after Sherlock goes Che Guevara real person with the vivid life and with such things I could reached or touched something which was far away from me or at least be like them.

So I should split my story into the parts as the first one goes at my childhood When I decided to smoke and could’t smoke at all as it was hard and I couldn’t understand why people love to do this, not cigarets but pipes and cigars.

Part I

I was a very lucky person as I’ve grown up in a great family and mother loved my very much and she was a smart women so she bought me a pipe and all other things that I could tried how will it be to smoke a pipe and feel the Sherlock vibes. And now I thank her very much that with this decision she prevented me to smoke seriously. Honeslty after the first try to smoke the pipe i felt so bad that I gave up the idea to smoke again as it nearly killed me and tried to smoke again for 15 years when I sorted out my child stuff and memories from my childhood blasted me. Thank you for this mam, I hope that someday i’ll be half smart as you to prevent my children to do stupid things. And funny staff i was so stubborn with the idea of smoke that i decided to smoke cigars, so for my birthday from other present i gift of bolivar cigar. And of course I could smoke it as it was so strong that it was a real challenge to smoke it, so I gave up the idead to smoke again.

The believing we do something when we do nothing is the first illusion of tobacco - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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