Creating a fantastic, cohesive, creative and collaborative company culture — Staying True to Your Values

Now that you’ve built out a company mission that benefits society, you have made your mission loud and clear in all internal and external communications and you have designed an interviewing, hiring and onboarding process that allows you to select candidates with both the skill and the fit for your company it’s time to put integrity into play. Integrity can be defined as doing what you said you would do, being responsible for your actions and making aligned choices that sync with who you say you are. Integrity also involves staying true to your values.

So many companies come in and hook potential employees with their values, it’s easy to want to work for a company that is committed to sustainability, offers more PTO time than you have ever had and has systems in place to support your growth and development. At the same time, it is easy for companies to keep their promises for a few months and then stop delivering on them once an employee feels comfortable and is doing good work. This is where it all goes downhill folks, when a company does not consistently deliver upon its promises people feel deceived. When people feel deceived they feel less connected to their workplace and their work. When people are less connected to their workplace and work they tend to show up late, go home early, go through the motions all day and produce mediocre work.

When your staff falls into disengagement mode, it is very hard to re-engage them. You can surely force them by threatening people or taking away additional things that you promised, but this is a manipulative strategy that will only produce results in the short-term.

The easy way to avoid this issue is to honor your word, keep your promises and deliver upon what you said you would deliver upon. When a business stays true to it’s values people want to work harder and deliver greater results because they feel like they are contributing to something bigger than them. Creativity is alive, ideas are flowing and collaboration is everywhere when a company stays true to its values. Be that company.