Nine Ways to Easily ruin Your Business — Extrapolating Point 1

Not listening to your employees is one of the quickest and easiest ways to ruin your business.

When you own a business and think that your success is all a result of your work, your efforts, your drive and your decisions, it can be a bit easy to get arrogant and think that no one knows better than you do. As a business owner, it can be easy to see only your perspective and feel like you don’t need anyone else’s opinion, especially when you are successful, but the problem here is that you sometimes only see the macro picture of numbers, sales data, expenses, and the such and may not see the small details that only your employees see that can lead to big problems if they are not dealt with.

Your staff is your front-line, they are the biggest advocates for your business, and their attitudes towards you as a business owner and towards your business are what they are going to portray to your customers. If your staff feels listened to, respected and as if they are able to contribute to the short-term and long-term success of your company then their satisfaction will rise and they will be proud to represent your company to your customers.

If your staff feels like their ideas, suggestions and opinions don’t matter then they will unintentionally and may even intentionally badmouth your business.

So please make sure that you acknowledge, accept and recognize that the success or lack of success in your business is directly related to the success of your staff and that your success is also directly related to their happiness and please realize that one easy way to make your staff unhappy is to stop listening to them.

Fortunately, you can correct course if you address this issue quickly.