A letter to Apple

To whom it may concern,

I am writing as a complaint letter to my recent experience on the visit of Apple Retail Store.

I’m a long time user of Apple product since the age of Mac OS 9. I witnessed the great return of Apple from the brink of bankrupt under the lead of Steve Jobs. The golden era of “i” in the history of Apple.

Until now, I would still watch every keynote of Apple and am impressed by the focus on detail displayed by Apple and her designers and engineers.

Unfortunately, this enthusiasm is not matched by the service quality in Apple Retail Store. I have a really depressing experience at Apple Retail Store recently, which prompt me to rethink about my passionate on Apple product in this post-Steve Jobs era.

Here is my case. I own an iPad Pro 9.7' with an Apple Pencil and they worked flawlessly until one day, it stopped charging and failed to connect to my iPad during a meeting which I was using it to perform a demonstration. So I went to the closest Apple Store here in Hong Kong to look for a quick help immediately since I followed every single step on the support page of Apple website before giving up and seek for help. As a computer science graduate, I can pinpoint the issue would be hardware and could be identified with a simple diagnosis in a couple of minutes. What I got from the Apple Retail Store is that, I have to first queue for 20 minutes to get a walk-in reservation of Genius Bar, after that, I was offered with a time slot, which was an hour later. As I have another meeting in the afternoon, it is not possible for me to stay and wait for an hour just to have a quick diagnosis and replace my malfunctioning hardware.

And I asked could I make an appointment at another store so I could go after work but the response is yet another disappointment. They could not make it. I was wondering, what is the Essence of Apple experience that the top executives strived for, why is it get distorted in the front-line service. I can’t sense any importance of the poor user experience being recognized in the customer service. Isn’t it irony that the product is aiming at perfection while the supporting service is, like a scrap?

Apple is expanding fast in the Asia market, especially in China. The product from Apple is being recognized as the icon of trendy and life-style defining. I am glad to see this, however, the Essenes of the products is about quality. Quality is not just about the product but also the supporting service. This is why Apple is different. I don’t want to witness another fall of Apple in the coming years due to the falling-behind-customer- service.Right now, I have to go to the Apple Retail Store to queue for a simple replacement for maybe an hour and nothing could be done by this email. I still want to offer my feedback in order for Apple to improve and flourish in the future.

Enough for a feedback, if you wish to contact me for further information, please DM me in Twitter.

Faithfully yours,




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