The Future: From the Sun?

One of the things I’ve been interested in most are Anime, cars, science, math, video games, coding, and biking. But, only 2 of the on the list are relevant in this story (the others are for upcoming stories): science and cars.

In the history of transportation, science has been the most commonly used tool to develop its changes throughout time. For example, the first means of transportation were horses. Then, when people realized it is uncomfortable to ride horses, then made chariots. With simple physics (science) people achieved this easily. As years passed, chariots evolved into carriages. But, during the 1900's people realized that the horses’ dung was causing so much pollution that when cars were introduced to the public gasoline-fueled cars were seen as the alternative to stop pollution. But, now we know that gasoline-powered cars are also harming the environment.

In the 21st century, hybrid cars were introduced and soon after electric cars. These are the new alternatives, and soon electric and hybrid cars are what you’ll probably seen in the future. But what’s next? What’s after electric cars? These are questions asked by entrepreneurs, inventors, and scientists.

The answer lies in the sun. The sun is the most valuable gift ever given to us. Other than giving us life, it may provide us with more “gifts”. Solar power is already being used widely. Electric appliances, homes, and even some factories can be powered through solar-power!

Cars, to me, have always been special to me. They were with me since the day I was born. Maybe I was a horse that pulled a carriage in my previous life. Wait. Come to think of it, I was born on the Year of the Horse as well! But, anyways I have always dreamed of making a car. Now, with science and my passion of cars I will be the first person to have release a luxury solar-powered car, as well as a sports car!!!

However, there are a lots problems in my plan. I have done a little research and there are many downsides with solar-powered appliances, but I am determined to make our sun more then it as already been to us.

One major problem is the power itself. The fastest solar-powered car as of 2015 goes only 54 .6807 M.P.H. How is it possible to to create a solar-powered sports car that should at least go over 160 M.P.H., and have basic luxuries when the world’s fastest solar-powered car goes only 54 M.P.H.?! There isn’t enough surface area in a car for it to run in all solar-power. The solar cells need to be able to gather enough sunlight with very little space, and have enough to store for later.

So, I truly believe that solar-power is the future. But, it has its downsides as well, like all plans, and technologies. It is our job to find a better way agian and again until we find the best way, however, that will have its own flaws as well!

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