Of Lies And Seduction
John Hopkins

I found this after reading your comment on the article, Enjoli. I found that I couldn’t relate to the experiences of the author, but I won’t deny that they are valid nonetheless.

I think you nailed it — the consumer culture is driving so many destructive forces in our world. As humans and animals, we need conflict, and in the first world our conflicts range from silly to utterly destructive. The antidote is compassion towards ourselves and others, and some critical thinking as well. Ultimately if we could temper capitalism somehow…

I wish that we could just focus! While some of us women are fighting for employers to guarantee mandatory paid maternity leave and equal pay for women, other women are questioning why mothers need to go back to work after having a baby, others are saying stay-at-home moms are lazy or whatever, and they’re all making each other feel guilty for whatever they do. It’s insane. We still have a lot of work to do. Old white men are still trying to legislate women’s bodies, rape victims are put on trial for making ‘bad decisions,’ etc. Women question whether another woman could be president, because she has hormones and hot flashes or some shit? As a feminist, we have to win over other women in addition to men.

I agree with Rowan, about the divisiveness. Just as women don’t all fit into the socially acceptable ‘feminine’ boxes, neither do all men as 100% ‘masculine’, but I don’t know if feminism addresses that. Many women’s issues intersect with other issues, like race and socioeconomics, and really most issues have to be looked at holistically.

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