3 Tips:Trigger a Man’s Infatuation Instinct To Commit

By Clayton Max, Author of Infatuation Scripts

Do you find yourself falling head over heels for a special guy ? Is your mind filled with love and desire for him, but you’re not sure how to demonstrate it?

Maybe you’re thinking he could find you too intense and pull away , or maybe you’re worried that he’ll fall into another woman ‘s heart .

Whatever the scenario , I have 3 sure-fire techniques to help him really feel a strong , all consuming need to be with you .

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# 1. Slowly Work Your Way Into His Mind

Most women think that men expect to sleep with a woman as soon as possible . Yet from my own experience , I identified that you’re more likely to build a strong relationship by being friends with him first .

I know that may seem counter intuitive because this could get you assigned to the “Friend Zone”. However the idea is to not hop in bed right away but build a stronger desire and draw it out a little while .

The fact is , most guys love the wonderful torture of the “slow burn”.

By following these steps , you can skillfully keep up this seduction until his craving gets to a point when he can not fathom being ‘just close friends ‘ with you any longer .

He’ll want to take the relationship to the next level.

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# 2. The Key To His Heart

A good relationship comes about when two people have the habit of interacting in a mild , caring way .

Of course, in every-day life this isn’t always the case , especially when we get into disagreement .

But for the most part, a connection grows when there are more moments of affirmation than hostility or criticism .

That’s why he is more likely to respond constructively to a partner that identifies his positive traits and also affirms them with words of positive affirmation .

For example , you can highlight how strong he looks wearing his new shirt , and even the way he knows all that all that music trivia .

List down the qualities that you admire in him, and make an effort to point them out .

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# 3. Use Powerful Body Language Signals

Maybe you’ve observed how some lovers appear to perfectly complement one another ? I’m referring to the way they finish each other ‘s sentences and already know what the other is thinking without needing to say anything .

You can see this unusual phenomenon in close lovers , whether it’s your friend or colleague with her other half or maybe your grandparents. When they seem to simply naturally connect on a deep, unstated level of understanding .

If you’d like to emulate that connection and set the tone for you and your spouse , you can begin with reading body language .

Of course , a lasting partnership requires you to develop a life-story of mutual growth and so on . But matching his body language , for instance , can be a powerful method to set the foundations .

For instance , if you’re on a date with him and he’s enjoying it , he might have a happy, satisfied expression on his beautiful face.

In this instance, you would match the illumination of his smile and, naturally , it will enable you to develop an emotional synergy with him. This experience is nothing but remarkable , and it will definitely feel that way .

The moment you start using these things , you can start putting your partnership on a far better course . Treat these as habits you can adopt as part of your daily routine , like going to the market or making deposits at the bank .

Pretty quickly , your partnership will be rich with love and there’s going to be a lot of it to go around for years to come .

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#Note: This article may contain affiliate links and if you purchase anything after clicking this link , I may receive some compensation.