Controversial Evidence

Shock news has become a very prominent voice within the realm of social media. Our lives have become susceptible to the opinions of the irrelevant force of “nobodies”. While social media can be a very rewarding engagement, mentally and physically, there are times when the various social platforms allow a randomness of garbage. Kinda like the fake news scenario. Fake news helps no one just like a stalker on Facebook or Twitter with an ego and bad hair cut hurts social status. What can we do to avoid “social terrorism”?

Recently, a valuable person within my social circle was discredited because, a women, whom upon volunteering herself with engagements unrelated to her circumstance, slandered said acquaintance with accusations of rape and sexual assault upon women within our social network. Facebook allowed this random women to engage with 13,000+ people with no connection whatsoever to the alleged attacker, and she publicly harassed said attacker with no evidence, no lawyer and, no personal connection to the attacker. This poor man lost his job and I’m assuming, was continually berated aimlessly after the fact. This is shocking to me. Why isn’t this women losing her job and career for illegally inducing a social riot on Facebook? How is this allowed to happen?

Upon seeing the discerning post about the accused, I had a sudden burst of heroism and defended this poor man. What I know of this person is very little but what I do know is that I have had social acquaintances with this person for at least the last four to five years. Most likely, I have been engaged with this person longer than anyone who attacked him on social media. What all of sudden seemed like a good thing quickly turned against me, the person trying to ward off these slanderous scoundrels. I found myself blocking several people from interacting with my personal pages.

A group of DIY nobodies started harassing me because I stood up for a pal. The people involved with this incident went out of their way to stalk my Instagram, and events I have engaged with unrelated to the DIY group. One person even went so far as to try and interfere with a business proposition arranged with a unrelated third party. All I did was try and deter a very unwise, unpopular topic from exploding. What is sad about the event is that this DIY community hypocritically went against their own values and beliefs by allowing this incident to occur. Facebook allowed several dozen members of an unsponsored page solicit and harass innocent members of a very popular scene.

Personally, I’m tired of the fake news and the fake people of social media. These people hide behind their profiles and fake internet lives. They preach to the masses every day about a life they wish they had or the things they want to be involved with. For starters, we all know that action is the only way to make things happen. Sitting on our computers and harassing the endless SH** out of people is not productive. Unless it’s for comedy ;).

Facebook needs to reconsider programming a filter, or some algorithm to deter people who can’t control their uninvolved opinions. Rape, is not a joke, nor should it be posted on a Facebook page for DIY music lovers.