ScoopWhoop: Content Stealing, Ripoffs and Bullying. Now with crispy screenshots

I wish to stop the whole ScoopWhoop posting, but this just keeps getting better. ScoopWhoop’s agenda of “copyrighted memes” and how they can use anything on their page and site is amazing. I have a complete set of screenshots here which shows chat conversations between admins of Andi Mandi Memes and a ScoopWhoop writer.

Screenshots of the convo:

She claims that a meme is ScoopWhoop’s property (already a meme), and wants to take it down and does it.That’s what bullying looks like.

Immediately after this Andi Mandi Memes was zucc’d, from a copyright strike from ScoopWhoop, ScoopWhoop however though uses memes from 4chan/reddit extensively. And the original meme makers, don’t give a fuck about it.

Screenshot where they use the “THE FLOOR IS ____” meme which is I believe came up on reddit:

Also ScoopWhoop’s blatant content copying, whether it’s ripping off content from already prominent internet personalities or smaller artists.
This is where things get interesting.

This is a video ScoopWhoop posted: (Need Facebook Account), notice the characters.

Look at the character.

Go to this link: and check the third panel of the comic.

Look at the character on the left panel the third one

This here is ‘TheAwkwardYeti’s homework’ a webcomic:

Which is rehashed into this by ScoopWhoop:

No credits where given.

This here is a stupid excuse for a write up:

Which is ripped off from the very famous, Sarah’s Scribbles, which is atleast fun to look at.

This article was written by Daily Social, which is a BookMyShow company:

This written a month after:

In addition they stole content from Arre!,

Original content: written February

ScoopWhoop ripoff: written exactly a month after

ScoopWhoop, also has a keen habit of keeping things to themselves, for example a page, which posts a minimum of 30 rape, molestation or instances were people spray cum on to other females on busy trains and metros or even KK Concerts, they failed to mention the Co-Founder of ScoopWhoop molested one of the writers there.Anyhow here’s a well written story.

Plus at the time when SW co-founder Suparn was under the fire over the sexual harassment charge, Sattvik had sent a mail to all the employees about the details of the fiasco. This mail had magically ‘leaked’ to a media outlet.Leaking this crucial info was a huge blow to the victim and considering that SW puts forward a progressive image and Vagabomb as a sister publication, it is to be noted that their feminism failed here.

No employee from VB had spoken up against harassment at workplace since the incident. They just want to cash in on feminism. Internally, they are a patriarchal regressive boys-club that doesn’t care about anyone else.

In contrary to that, and I don’t wanna bring religion or, rape or the army into this, they decided to shit on the army and post an article which “allegedly” says that the Indian Army attacked a Transgender.

(Scoopwhoop also did a “How to Molest a girl on holi” video, it’s ironic and kinda cringe but it’s worth the watch tho)

We’ve been told that a concerned reader had written a mail to the editors of SW but no further action was taken by them. We’ve also been told that similar articles were in fact encouraged by the editors which blatantly ripped off Imaan Sheikh’s famous format. One former employee has confided in us that the employees had time and again raised this issues but to no avail. This can be seen as a clear case of abatement of plagiarism.

Scoopwhoop is more absurd, hypocritical and a pain in the arse. In addition to stupid feminazi articles, stories and follow-ups and other stolen content, ScoopWhoop decides to shit on small meme pages which make a small community laugh. This is the reason why genuine internet media in India doesn’t survive. I haven’t looked into their “Chase” documentaries, I will soon, maybe pull out some from there as well, anyhow.

GGWP ScoopWhoop you fucktards.

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