Why All Artists & Producers Should Check Out Anchor

4 Reasons Why This New Social Networking App Should Be Utilized By Artists and Producers Everywhere

“What the hell is Anchor?”

That’s a question you and probably many people are thinking right now.

Anchor is a social networking app that defines itself as “radio by the people,” but this is the best way I can sum it up: Soundcloud meets Twitter or Instagram.

Anchor is great because it allows you to record what’s called “waves” up to 2 minutes long and post them to your profile.

People can then like and/or reply with their own wave as well.

You can follow others and their waves show up in your home feed similar to how Instagram and Twitter works.

I’m an aspiring recording artist who worked as a digital media manager and now own a new social media startup called WiN win WIN Social (I know, I know it sounds crazy but it’s true).

I’ve only been on Anchor for 3 days and have 22 organic followers, 75 likes, and 335 plays on my waves.

I believe that Anchor is definitely something to check out especially for artists, and here are 4 reasons why.

  1. Fast movers have an advantage on Anchor.

Fast movers have an advantage on the platform because it’s relatively new and the creators are looking to expand into different demographics.

When you sign up for a new account, Anchor gives you a list of suggested users to follow.

These are individuals Anchor believes are exceptional.

These users have 7–10k followers on average, which means theres room for growth.

Think of DJ Khaled and his story.

DJ Khaled has been a well known DJ in hip hop for years, but it wasn’t until his early adoption of Snapchat that he became a household name. He stayed consistent with putting out content, and now that Snapchat has over 150 million users, his snaps get more views on average than the highest rated TV show in America.

Opportunities for sponsorships, a partnership from Anchor, the sky is the limit for you and I.

Bottom line, there are rewards for being consistent and being an early adopter.

2 . Anchor is a great way to get discovered.

Anchor is a great way to be noticed by fans who are looking for new artists and producers to listen to.

There are people on Anchor (particularly in the #music station as they call it) that are actively searching for new talent.

They’re often pleasantly surprised when they discover content an artist is releasing on the platform.

A technique I like to use on Anchor (btw, follow me…. https://anchor.fm/u/bb763c/M3rcey) is to release an acapella of one of my unreleased songs along with #music and my Soundcloud handle soundcloud.com/m3rcey.

I then simultaneously engage with others in the station.

People will usually look to respond, then visit your profile and listen to your waves.

After that they may check out your Soundcloud.

Then they might respond again if they like the content you’re putting out.

Here’s an example of someone who instantly became a fan of mine from this method:


3. It’s great for artist collaboration.

Anchor easily allows for collabs.

I’m currently brainstorming opportunities to use people’s waves and include them as skits or in songs on future free projects of mine.

All you have to do is download their wave and throw it in your latest track.

Be sure you’re not profiting off it without prior negotiation and give them a shout out.

I think if you do it with love and positive energy behind it, they’ll love it.

4. People are paying attention.

The pattern I’ve noticed with new hot social networks (a la 2006 Facebook, 2012 Instagram, 2014 Snapchat, etc.) is that in the beginning everybody pays attention to everything.

On Anchor every time someone receives a wave 9/10 times they’ll not only see it, but respond to me.

This is because as opposed to Twitter (and dare I say it, Instagram), people are not following huge amounts of people or getting large amounts of responses.

Between that and Musical.ly, Snapchat, or Instagram — believe or not I’m currently getting the best results in terms of response rates on Anchor.

To be real, this is about 9 out of 10 times I would leave a reply on someone’s profile.

They’re not only paying attention, but they’re engaged and responding.

Conclusion: Will this be the next Snapchat?

I don’t know, but that doesn’t matter.

I’m not saying stop snapping, instagramming, or whatever you’re doing and go all in on Anchor.

I’m saying to start getting active and at least pay attention because as an artist or musician you have an advantage.

Attention is where the money is, that’s why Facebook creator Mark Zuckerburg offered Snapchat a billion dollars 3 years ago and they turned it down.

As the users rise, your attention to it should rise as well.

Even if it becomes a “fad” (as many of you questionably like to call these platforms), I will guarantee you there will be a bigger and better platform in the future that will take this model and expand on it and a more user friendly way.

Regardless of whatever happens, I believe the artists and producers who figure this platform out now will have an advantage over the others in the next 4–7 years.

You guys have an avenue to release never heard before content or to just be authentic in general and share your thoughts.

You also have the ability to share them in an environment where people you’ve never met before might actually give a damn, more so than the places you are currently.

Think you will take advantage before the others? I know I will.


P.S.: Don’t forget to follow me on Anchor and Snapchat

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