Wolf of Odin, or Lamb of Jeff?

Odin and Jeff: an Encounter — H.G Wells 1923

A simple question, you may say. Clearly being a wolf would be far more advantageous than its prey, and to serve a god would clearly accrue more benefits than being under Jeff’s subjugation.

However, consider the scenario: you enter a warehouse filled with armed hostiles, each wearing the crest of their proud clan. They are wary, your face seems new, your tattoo fresh like half-dried acrylic on a sun-soaked canvas in Central Roma circa 1612. Your ally next to you, unbeknownst to your inability to speak their native tongue, introduces you:

“We’re trying to see that product.”

He points to the van.

“Oh, shit. Yo, Sleepy! What’s up, homie? You know my cousin Savoy?”

One of the men looks confused.

“I think you’ve got the wrong guy, homes?”

Your friend, clearly panicking, tries to think of an appropriate response:

“That’s bullshit. man! You’re Sleepy. Everyone’s sayin’ Nebario’s Sleepy, he’s like the Mexican Wolverine and shit. Hey, my partner here, he wanna see the product.”

Clearly impatient, the thug interrogates once more, with vigor.

“Why ain’t he talking?”

And now we come to the meat of the matter, the proof in the pudding, the eye of the tiger… as you will. How would a Wolf of Odin respond in this scenario? Clearly calling for your god would aid you but you know that Odin can be quite fickle, and may not respond. A wolf in this scenario would likely lower his tail between his legs and cower in fear: Lets see how this would play out if you were loyal to Jeff.

“My name Jeff”

You reply. Stunned, the homies embrace you and then admit that the article titled “Freedom and Equality: Both or Neither.” was neither equal to the quality of the one you are reading right now, and that both fail to convey any deeper meaning or message; rather the ramblings of an amateur trying to make substance out of septic.

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