A Love Unrequited

As I look out before me, I see water as far and wide as the eye can see with clouds descending upon it, graced by a beautiful gradience. I see a blue backdrop orchestrated by vibrant hues that change as quickly as they come. It is a fleeting moment, the minutes just before the sun makes it’s way below the horizon, but one that imprints you. Of the 1,440 minutes in a day, these are the two that I remember. It is during this time when I am reminded that such beauty in life exists. In this small window of time I see a window of possibilities and everyday was worth getting up if that meant I could set my gaze upon it. 
Everyday the sun sets, and no matter how many times I’ve seen it, I still fall in love with it. Every time I rediscover the way it makes me feel,and no matter how many times I’ve felt it, the feeling never grows old. I gravitate towards it putting one foot in front of the other, inching closer and closer, despite knowing that no matter how many steps I take, I will never reach it. It is this wondrous beauty that I am looking into but one that I know is not mine to keep. The sunset, much like you, graces a person, gifting them with his presence. A gift not to one but to all of those who stop to greet it. And as it departs, disappearing beneath the horizon, it leaves something to be cherished. Because even when it ceases to exist, you are glad it ever came into being. Even when it ceases to exists, it leaves the beauty of twilight in its wake. The beauty of you lingers even when you are gone. You are a multitude of things, a spectrum of colors, an intricacy that knows no end. I see the depth of the ocean in your eyes, I can feel the deep valleys of your heart, and I am lost in the light that encompasses your soul. There are worlds in you and the fact that I got to be a part of one, even if it was just for two minutes, makes me feel like… whenever I speak of you, it’s like trying to take a picture of the sunset. The way one desires to capture the entirety of its beauty only to realize that it could never be done. That the image captured could never live up to its ephemeral being. Try and capture the way it paints the sky, the way your body absorbs it, the way your eyes linger upon it, and you will understand my struggle. Because it has little to do with what I see before me but much to do in the way it nurtures my soul and raises my spirit. For years I couldn’t put you into words but as I sit in the middle of this large field of grass and I look out into the sunset I am reminded of you. You give me a feeling of transcendence that can’t truly be defined. A feeling that a world of words could never describe. So instead I fall silent and just let it be, and watch as your light fades in front of me. From twilight to dusk. Satisfied. Knowing that you will now rise in another part of the world ready to grace others and perhaps some day I may set my gaze upon you again.