And I did OSCP!

0x00 — The Course


  • Only one truly practical examination for an Intermediate level InfoSec Certification.(That I came across)
  • You will learn more than it actually teaches you .
  • A must take challenge if you are in Information Security domain.
  • You will get the hang of TRYing HARDER!!


  • Given a 300+ pages PDF content. (Read it first)(Syllabus)
  • 8hrs long video content.
  • Complete the hands on exercises after each section.(Preferably must be done and documented)


  • You can choose you Lab time from 30 to 60 to 90 days(60 days recommended)
  • 50+ machine in private environment.
  • Given access to one of the subnet, PWN the rest (or at-least as many as possible).
  • Find network_secret.txt to unlock new subnet access.
  • End Goal - Find your way into Admin network
  • PWN ’em all to Learn ’em all. (Keep everything documented)
  • Push yourself to the limits. (If you believe you have got to the limits, take a step more)


  • 23hr 45min Exam (Keep everything noted down).
  • Will be given access to exam’s private network via a VPN connection.
  • Several victim machines to be hacked. (Hack ’em all! if at all possible)
  • Own user to get user flag and Own system to get root flag.
  • 24hrs more to make report.
  • Read the exam Instructions carefully.
  • Thinks Smarter rather than Trying Harder.

0x01 — My Start

0x02 — Vulnhub, Exploit-Exercises, and HTB

0x03 — The Course and LAB

0x04 — Sharpening my AXE

0x04 — The Exam

  • In next 3hr I was done with my first box.
  • Another 1hr and I had a Low Privilege shell on the last box.

0x05— Conclusion and Last Thoughts

  • Read the PDF throughly and do the exercises you will have most of the needed basics.
  • Don’t stop at PDF and video content, google for more similar challenges.
  • Take your favorite scripting language and make a single script to automate your solution for the box you owned, If you need to do tiny automation in exam this will help.
  • Stop reading review and read the resources and google.
  • Enumerate, Enumerate and Enumerate, and some times it right facing you so be smart enough not to ignore.
  • Don’t focus too much in automation and always keep a Plan B.
  • Keep a fresh VM image with respective tools you might need as your backup.
  • Prepare a schedule and if that start to fails, don’t give up easily and TRY Smarter.
  • Don’t use “Dirty Cow”, thats not the intended way in any of the boxes and when you realise it you already might have lost the first attempt in exam. (Hard truth, a couple of friend didn’t understood, Now don’t be them)
  • Avoid Metasploit for good.

0x06 — Resources

All in one References

Great Reviews

Enumeration Cheatsheet

Privilege Escalation Cheatsheet

Reverse Shell Cheatsheet

Get TTY shell

Buffer Overflow

Msfvenom Cheatsheet

Porting Metasploit Exploits

Port forwarding & Pivoting

Client-Side Attacks

Practice Points




Security Researcher (OSCP) | Malware Enthusiast @KeralaCyberSquad. Find me @

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Praveen Nair

Praveen Nair

Security Researcher (OSCP) | Malware Enthusiast @KeralaCyberSquad. Find me @

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