Why? Digitalization is a hard task and developers alone are not enough to run reliable systems.

In one of my talks this year, I showed a slide that contained this statement along with a tombstone. It was part of my lightning talk Rescued By Kanban! which was roughly based on my Medium blog post with the same title and which I’ve delivered at the first GitLab Heroes Summit. What’s the background for this slide and why I am thinking that the DevOps campaign or movement is dead today? In this talk, I had only limited time for each slide (15 seconds per slide, 18 slides in total) and this slide was supported by two follow-up slides with some words about each. …


Mario Kleinsasser

Speaker, GitLab Hero, Docker Community Leader, Cloud Native Citizen, OSS Evangelist, Author — The past is behind us, the future is ahead! n0r1sk.com/mario

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