A $9 WiFi CHIP and the AirPlay

Marat Saytakov
Mar 30, 2018 · 2 min read

I am very disappointed by how a 4th-gen Apple TV can’t even connect to external audio system (via optical cable) separately from a TV (which is connected via HDMI.) It means you can’t listen to music until you turn on a TV. A 3rd gen. does it perfectly ’cause it had an S/PDIF out.

I decided to use a $9 CHIP to stream music directly to kitchen’s speakers.

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Ok, let’s get a C.H.I.P. I didn’t want to connect CHIP to a display and I have no Bluetooth nor wired keyboards or mices at home, so I have to connect to it in a headless mode. This is possible even using a USB cable to a MacBook. And then: ssh chip@chip.local . Password is chip.

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A $9 CHIP connected to MacBook and mini jack

Ok, we’re in, we have to connect to WiFi, run a tool called nmtui as root, and easily connect to your network. If there are LC_ALL warnings, use this.

Finally, we have Internet connection, and we’re ready to install and configure Shaiport Server — using this awesome guide.

Voilà! Now we can choose a new AirPlay speaker on the iPhone or Mac.

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