Donald Trump is a win-win for America.

I think that what has been coming clear to all of us in the last week, is that there is no right way to talk about the result of the US election. At least, I hope that is what has been going on in your heads. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m scared of Donald Trump, just as much as the next guy. I find it alarming that a man with such misogynistic, xenophobic, protectionist views is settling in the Oval Office right now.

However, what I despise is people blaming him in advance. Already starting with a defeatist attitude, saying he will for sure set back the country, and potentially the world, 50 years back. I think that’s a ridiculous mindset to hold. You see, Donald Trump was elected fair and square last week. Yes, he did it with dirty politics, personal attacks and several lies.

I don’t understand why that surprises anyone. It’s pretty much been at the basis of politics ever since they exist. Is it right that things are this way? Probably not, we should probably work on a system where people are elected at the head of nations based on their values and propositions, rather than electing the least offensive option. But as of now, Donald Trump used the political system he had to work with. And he used it to absolute perfection.

Let’s get the boring electoral system speech out of the way. You can be appalled all you want at the fact that Hillary had the popular vote. It’s no surprise, actually. Every single Democrat candidate in the past 30 years had the popular vote, because Democrats win California, that’s just a fact at this point. And since California is such a populous state, it gives you such a massive boost that it’s basically impossible to lose the popular vote at this point.

In fact, I don’t understand why people still monitor the popular vote in the US, since it has no tie whatsoever to who gets elected. I do believe that the American electoral system is deeply flawed. I think proportional voting would feel a lot more democratic to a majority of populations across the world. So why is it then, that whenever proportional voting is brought up, the group lobbying for it is viewed as fringe crazy people? I say that for my country, Canada, as well. Proportional voting, if you didn’t know, is deciding by popular vote, meaning the United States would have a different president right now. I hope that if we monitor the popular vote long enough, and realize how it almost never aligns with who is president, that a movement of electoral reform will begin in the States. One can dream…(I don’t think it’ll ever happen).

Was Donald Trump’s election Hillary’s failure? That’s another argument we hear a lot. I think if anything, Donald Trump in the Oval Office is the result of repeated failures by a political establishment that got comfortable. They thought they had a firm grasp on the population, and they could keep going. What they didn’t understand, is that anger is rising in the US. While most of us think that the fastest rising anger is about social issues like the recent police shootings that flare all over the media, it is not. The fastest rising anger is the one of regular people.

I hate to use the analogy of “Main Street” people brought by Sarah Palin, but in this case it works. If anything, Hillary forgot those people. We all did. I know my audience, my friends are college educated, successful people with aspirations, good jobs, they bought a condo recently, they’re thinking of child number 2. That’s not who voted for Trump. People who voted for Trump just lost their job because their factory got moved overseas for the second time. People who voted for Trump live in food deserts and can’t find decently priced food for their family and their children. People who voted for Trump are behind on their mortgage and they think maybe child number 2 was a mistake while they look for job number 3.

Did Trump promise to fix those issues? Not necessarily, but he was a striking change in comparison to a woman offering the same rhetoric these people have voted for in the past. A rhetoric that has failed them again, and again, and again. Can you blame them then, for voting for what looked like change?

Don’t dismiss the people who voted for Trump, and don’t dismiss him. The fact that they voted for him does not mean they agree with everything he says. It doesn’t mean America as a whole is homophobic. It doesn’t mean America as a whole is xenophobic. If anything, they already were, because there already is a wall between them and Mexico in several states. All I’m saying is let’s give the man a chance to prove himself. Perhaps he’ll truly change American politics for the better. In fact, I think that’s the only outcome of a Trump presidency.

Think about it, there are two options here. Donald Trump turns out to be a fantastic president, one that harbors change in the country, brings back healthy paying jobs to its citizens, and brings back growth to the economy all while paying back American debt. Or, he ends up being an absolute mess, a chilling wake up call for everyone in the world, that American politics are in a state of extreme decadence and need reform.

I read that paragraph, and you know what? I’m fine with that. Somehow, Donald Trump is a win-win.

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