Changing my learning approach

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
In the end I realized that I’d learned much more and in depth from this approach…

Recently I took on a new approach to learning new tech. In my case I wanted to learn how to build RESTful APIs with hapijs coming from expressjs. What’s new is the fact that instead of looking for a tutorial online, I decided to learn by going through the official documentation whilst building my own tutorial.

Don’t worry I didn’t upload another tutorial online.

Or did I…

So how’d I do it

I’d previously undertaken a mongodb course and had access to a large enough data-set. So, I decided to build a full blown RESTful API (authentication, testing and what not) to access the data-set from mongo.

In the end I realized that I’d learnt much more and in depth from this approach as opposed to the usual copy-type/paste technique where I’d probably have learnt how to build a CRUD API for adding animals to a database. 😑

Don’t get me wrong though. There’s nothing wrong with the copy-type/paste approach but try lighting a fire under you ass once in a while and see if that doesn’t change things.

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