App Journal

Lesson 1: Playground Basics — Why Apps?

I think that apps are so popular because they help humanity and they have a variety of functions. For example, entertainment, for studying, etc. People want more apps because they help us to live simple, if you need something you can just download it and avoid complications.


I use this app for uploading pictures, following my friends and artists, and seeing photos from other people.


I use this app for fun. I think their filters are fun and I can send videos although they are eliminated over a period of time, I think its fun. Also, I love bitmoji.


I use this app for communicating with my family and friends. Also, I think that easier to make an event through the groups of whatsapp.


I love spotify, I think that it is very easy to use and you can follow artists and get a notification that new music is out. Also, you can discover many songs through the playlists.


VSCO is my favorite app for editing photos; its really easy to use and I like that in the app you cannot like or comment others pictures because that would be a copy of Instagram.


Duolingo helps me a lot for studying german and french (the languages that I´m studying). Also, it helps me to practice what i know and to learn more.

Lesson 2: Naming & Identifiers — Idea Storm

Naming & Identifiers — Celebrity Facts


An app that can count how many calories food have by simply taking a picture.

An app that helps you to make outfits from the clothes you have in your wardrobe.

An app that helps you to study with videos by just searching the topic of the subject.

An app that is an agenda that you can personalize.

An app that shows you trailers of old and new movies according to what type of movies you like.

An app that tells you if a product is vegan and cruelty-free by just taking a picture of it.

An app that tells you what concerts will have their prevent date and when are they going to be.

Lesson 3: Strings — Who´s your audience?

Strings — Pixar Story

Happy Fiends: this app is a game designed for anyone because it is easy to use. Anyone can download it because it is entertaining and if you are bored this can be a solution.

Amazon: I think this app was designed for adults because they have credit cards and they can buy anything they need.

Pokemon Go: this app can be played by anyone, I think that the people that really play it nowadays are the fans that have known the Pokemon series since forever.

Hatcook: this app is for the cooking lovers. Anyone that wants to cook or learn to cook can use this app. I think that if a kid wants to use this app, he or she must be supervised by an adult so accidents won´t happen.

Uber: this app is for anyone who needs a ride home or to any destination. I think it is principally for adults because, in order to use it and get a car, you should have a credit card.

Drama Fever: this app is for the people that find Korean culture interesting; you can watch Korean movies, dramas, concerts, etc.

Kim Kardashian: this app is a game where you are a celebrity. It can be played by anybody, even boys. You create an avatar and you try to live according to fame.

Episode: it is an app where you can find different stories or games, similar to Kim Kardashian. It can be used by anyone. There are different stories, you can play many of them at the same time.

Facebook: this app is for everyone, you create your profile and you can interact with people all around the world. Nowadays, even animals (pets) have Facebook!!

Twitter: it is for anyone who want to share what they think or feel; also, for the people who want to follow their favorite artists and know more about them.

Kylie Jenner official App: this is an app for the makeup lovers, for the fans of the Jenners and/or Kardashians, for anyone who wants to know more about Kylie´s life.

Azteca Noticias: this app is for the people who want to be more involved on what is happening around the world. I think it is principally for adults and young adults because maybe kids may find it boring.

Fox Sports: it is an app for the people who love sports. You can watch games, see the calendars, see results of any game. I think this app is mainly for athletes or people that love sports, they can be boys or girls.

Heads Up!: this is an app that is played preferably by multiple people. Anyone can play it, little boys and girls, adults, teens, etc.

Super Mario Run: it is an app that can be played by anyone. It needs Internet connectivity to play so people without internet can not use it.

Lesson 4: Hello World — App Dive


  1. Whatsapp: this app is very easy to use. I has many functions but they do not trouble.
  2. Spotify: this app is very easy, it is clear, it is not complicated. You understand how to use it and its functions.
  3. Duolingo: this app is very useful, you can learn or practice new languages. Even little kids will find it easy to use because it is very simple.
  4. Snapchat: I think this app may cause a little bit of trouble if you don´t know how to use it. I know a few people that don´t know how to use it, so they don´t use it.
  5. Instagram: this app is easy to use if you want to upload photos, edit them, or see other´s pictures. But they had a new actualization where, now, it looks similar to Snapchat. Many people hate it, many people loved it, but I think that it made the app more complex.
  6. VSCO: this app is very hard to use, many people say. You cannot comment or like other´s pictures. But it is awesome to edit.

Lesson 5: 1st App — Problem Hunters

Standout ideas:

An app that helps you to study with videos by just searching the topic of the subject. — This idea addresses many students problems. It´s typical that many students don´t understand a topic, and this app could help them because they could watch many videos, explanations, and examples of the topic they have trouble with. This app would be better that any other similar app, because it would be easy to use and easy to understand.

An app that is an agenda that you can personalize. — This idea addresses many people, specifically the ones that love order. Many people prefer having their thing on their phone or tablet because they think it´s more practical, and this app could help them to live with order and practicality. Also, with style, with the things they feel more confortable. That´s the reason you could personalize it. This app would be better that any other similar app because there are many apps of agendas, but there´s hardly one that you can make it your own.

Lesson 6: Functions — Ideas Seeking Solutions

My app will give support and motivation to people that need it because there is people that feel bad or alone and they think that nothing can cheer them up.

App name: motivatiON

Problem: Help people who feel depressed, down, sad, etc.

My app will help people that need to be cheered up, and if they need professional help, my app will supply them specialists contacts.

Functions — Lyrics, chorus

Lesson 7: Boogie Bot — Feature Smashing


GPS: the GPS could help the app to locate where is the user, so if they need professional help, we could give them contacts of people that are near them. Let´s suppose that a person in Belgium is using our app and they want profesional aid, we cannot give them a contact from Mexico because that would not help. So, the GPS would be an important feature in our app.

Camera: if people want to have a profile picture, they could use the camera. The use of the camera would not be obligatory, just if the user wants to upgrade their profile picture.

SceneKit: it could be useful if we wanted the quotes of the app to stand out, so people may find it more attractive.

Boogie Bot — Dance GIF!

Lesson 8

Idea storm:

  1. Camera- to put a profile picture.
  2. GPS- for knowing where does the user lives and the professionals around him/her in case he/she needs it.
  3. Healthkit- “mental health is as important as physical health, they are linked”.
  4. Touchscreen- for the users to choose how are they feeling, to type, etc.
  5. Bluetooth- for the users to share something from their device to others.

Lesson 9

Top 3 competitors:

Chin up!
Smiler :)
Da daily compliment

The apps previously mentioned only give compliments to people, there is no interaction with the users. “Smiler :)” works as reminders, but they have a cost depending on how many you want to receive through out the day. “Chin up!” is a social media app, so you would receive compliments from people anonymously, they may be people that you know.

I believe that the things I don´t found in any of these apps, will be part of our app. The designs of these apps are very different but they all have the same purpose, make people feel better.

People find these apps easy to use because they are not complex. Perhaps many people don´t like these kinds of apps because they think that they cannot do anything for them or that they are useless. Our app will be more interesting because it is not only about cheering up people, it is also about they mental and physical help as one. Our app will address any concern by reading the comments and adjusting the app as much as possible.

Lesson 10

Design principles:

  • Simple design so the users don´t think it is complex and they can use it easily.
  • Not many words, more drawings and icons. Keep it more visual.
  • Icons, images, and fonts that are clare and attractive to the eye.
  • Colours that make you feel peaceful. For example, pastels, blue, green, etc.



I had a very good experience with Swift because at the beginning of the course I did not know anything about the process of creating an app; Swift helped me a lot because it is very useful, simple, and easy to understand. I admit that at the start I did not understand anything but reading and practicing was a great aid for me. Swift is a great tool for the people that want to start to learn about apps and programming; I think that its explanations are very comprehensible and its practices are very easy to do and they are great means for learning how to do and what to use in an app. In my opinion, people that would like to study programming should use this tool sometime in their life.

My experience learning how to code was very good because playgrounds are great areas for practicing, for applying what is learned, and for knowing how much you can do and how much you can improve. I started from zero, i did not know a thing about coding; but the playgrounds were very helpful and useful. I think that it is very important to practice what is learned because that is how you know you are doing things correctly and that is how you know how many new things you need to discover.

I liked very much learning to code even if I am not going to study a career about coding, I think it was a great experience. I loved the idea of creating an app because nowadays we use a lot of technology and we have a lot of apps that have different purposes. Creating an app shows us the procedures people must do to make the apps we use, and not only the procedures but the job of working in a team to create something people would use and hope like.

I think that what I liked the least was the time, we had a very little time for the thinking and creating of our app. It was difficult to come with an idea that could get into an app and would be liked by the people around us in such amount of time. But it helped us to know how to work under pressure, which is important because at our work we will not decide the due date of our projects, that is if we are not the bosses.

I think this course would help me in the future because we learned how to create a thing from scratch in a team and, even though I am not going to study something related of coding, I think this experience would show everybody their abilities in coding even if they did not know about them. In my opinion, if there is people that do not know what to study, they should use Swift because may be they would discover that they are good at coding or that coding is something they are passionate about.

I do not think I am going to study something related to programming but this course could help me in my professional life by appreciating the things programmers do because it is not an easy job, there are a lot of codes in the world of programming. Even though I am not going to study something related to this, I think that it is a beautiful and fun career because it is a thing men came up to. This experience also changed my perspective of programmers because I thought that they spent a lot of hours on a computer or writing things that nobody understood, but those “things” are new languages and it is very interesting that people created languages to communicate with computers even though they think but they do not have a brain. The designers work also is very important for an app because there are a lot of factors that would affect if people like or not the app, for example the colours or the shapes you use. Something I learned from the design of our app is that since it was about how people is feeling, we used colour that make people feel calm or relaxed.

Topics related to technology are really very fascinating because technology did not came from nature by itself, we created them and that is really incredible. Also, coding helped me understand how technology is evolving every day and how we as humans are making the evolution, the process, the difficulties, the experience of working in a team where everyone has different ideas and somehow combine them and create something that would help someone in any matter.