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Late last night, I came across an old episode of one of my favorite television series growing up, “Home Improvement.” For those who haven’t seen it, the series revolves around the main character, Tim Taylor (played by Tim Allen), who is a TV personality for a show called, “Tool Time”, where he shows off the latest innovative tools and gadgets through project demonstrations, which generally lead to spectacular accidents.

I always loved the imaginary tools they came up with such as the bathroom essentials for men, collectively being named, a “Man’s Bathroom” — which included everything from a toilet turned couch to a mirror turned television screen and more. Check out the clip here — so great!

Watching the show, made me wish I had my own cool set of gadgets with my own tool belt. I suppose I do in some ways, it’s just different than I imagined I would when I was a kid watching the show. I had no idea the tools I would be using everyday would be products that I would never physically touch or feel, but rather download on my computer and use on my laptop / phone rather than say going to a Home Depot, putting the item in my shopping cart, and having the item carefully placed away in an overfilled toolbox.

With that said, here are 2 of my favorite items in my work toolbox today that I couldn’t live without:

Slack [ Team Communication ] — A few months ago, we started using Slack at work as the main platform for people within the team to message and communicate one another. I love it because it has reduced the number of emails I send out / receive as well as being able to jump in and out of conversations when I want. They have a really great feature where you can create different channels to manage different projects, groups, and topics that the whole team can share (ex: a channel just for design related discussions). These channels allow for us to include everything from messages to files to integration with services like Dropbox & Google Drive.

Salesforce CRM [Tracking and manage business data]: Salesforce has so many products and it feels like almost everyday they are releasing something new. The product I have consistently used though is their CRM. A few months back, I made the transition from having everything in Google Spreadsheets to Salesforce CRM. At first, I kept bumping into problems of how to properly create objects and customize fields that matched the way we run our business, but fortunately most of the issues I’ve had, someone else has also experienced and has uploaded a tutorial of it on YouTube (it also helps to have the former CIO of Salesforce sitting right next to me).

Whether you use Salesforce or another CRM tool, I think a CRM tool is extremely essential to a business no matter how small the team is as it allows you to properly sort and organize the type of people you meet, manage your pipeline, and provide you a sense of confidence in knowing what stage every prospect is in whether it’s a potential investor or customer.

I’m now using our own product here at m›PATH, where I have taken all the data in my CRM and brought it to life in a native mobile app. Now, whenever I’m out of the office I can pull up any information I need and immediately assign tasks to myself or others on the team. For example, this morning, we met with a wonderful potential customer and after the meeting, by the time I walked to my car, I had already updated the stage of the account, assigned a task to remind myself to send an email, and added a new contact to the account.

I expect in the future for m›PATH to become an essential tool in the toolbox for many others to help them get stuff done faster and more effectively!

If you are interested in learning more about what a Salesforce CRM license includes, check it out here:

If you are interested in learning more about how to use m›PATH to turn your business data into mobile apps with no coding, sign up here:

Would love to also know what you have inside your work toolbox.

This post is written by, Payam Salehi, our Business Dev. Associate

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