Understand customer movement patterns with SafeGraph and mParticle

SafeGraph teams up with mParticle

SafeGraph maintains a data panel for human movement patterns across the globe. Utilizing a variety of location data signals and proprietary machine-learning algorithms, they empower customers to gain insights that help organizations make better decisions and improve lives. Urban planners, retailers, academic researchers, marketers, and investors use SafeGraph’s anonymized location data from mobile location signals across the globe to help them better understand human movement trends and accurately classify visits to places.

mParticle, the customer data platform for every screen, enables sophisticated marketers at companies including Venmo, Starwood, NBC Universal, Spotify, and Airbnb to integrate and orchestrate their entire growth stack. This allows them to create a unified view of the customer, then easily integrate and orchestrate data to partners to deliver personalized, omnichannel customer experiences.

With this integration mParticle customers can now create, monitor, and control server-to-server integrations with SafeGraph via the mParticle platform. With the integration enabled, brands can stream real-time mobile location data directly from their apps to SafeGraph, which will then translate long/lat coordinates into known locations and use machine learning to help brands understand their customers offline movement patterns.

Heres how it works:

  1. Login into the mParticle platform
  2. Navigate to the Partner Directory
  3. Click the SafeGraph tile
  4. Click “+Add SafeGraph to Set Up”
  5. Enter your SafeGraph API key
  6. Click Save

After completing these steps, SafeGraph is ready to receive real-time mobile location data from Android and iOS apps.

Enabling SafeGraph through the mParticle platform allows marketers to begin understanding customer movement patterns across the globe in a matter of minutes and ensures they never miss a beat with location data streaming directly from mobile apps in real-time.

Get started with SafeGraph and mParticle today!

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