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Recently, a Snowflake customer was having troubles using their Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 12c standalone agent to connect to Snowflake. Strangely enough, the connection worked just fine using the ODI Studio local agent. I spent a good part of my career working with ODI, so I was interested to dive in and find out what was happening here.

If you’re not familiar with Oracle Data Integrator, it’s Oracle’s data integration and ETL tool that has been around for ~15 years. Connections to data sources and targets are made via JDBC drivers. Once the connection is setup and working, ODI can communicate with the database in order to reverse engineer tables into metadata, develop mappings, and execute mappings. These ETL jobs, comprised of mappings, are executed via an ODI agent. The standalone agent, which we’re working with in this post, is installed on the local server as a lightweight Java application. …


Michael Rainey

Data warehousing in the cloud @SnowflakeDB, data integration, ETL, and everything in between.

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