Time to Answer the Door

When is it time to grow professionally? When opportunity knocks.

It’s amazing how life works. One day you’re cruising along, working with some great people and enjoying your career. Then, out of nowhere, an opportunity arises. Not some headhunter reaching out, asking if you’d like to join their client. No, this is different. This is a real opportunity. An amazing position with an up and coming company. And before you know it, you’ve moved out of your comfort zone and into a brand new world.

This has happened to me twice now over my career. Once, when I was contacted on LinkedIn, out of nowhere, about a chance to join a great business intelligence and data integration consultancy - Rittman Mead. Opportunity knocked…and I answered the door. And it’s been a great ride with Rittman Mead.

Now a second time. Once again, I was contacted out of nowhere (again, on LinkedIn), interviewed several times, and thoroughly wowed by Tanel Poder and his team at gluent. Opportunity knocked once again and, sure enough, I answered the door and I’ve joined gluent!

Gluent’s mission is to liberate your data from the confines of proprietary data silos. Offload data to Hadoop from Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata, or others with the Gluent Data Platform. Then, use Gluent Smart Connector to access your data as you always have, via SQL queries. No changes necessary to your code, just continue using it as-is. And by the way, you’ll most likely notice a performance gain after freeing up database resources. Cool stuff!

My new role at gluent begins with training curriculum development, providing an opportunity for others to learn the value of data offload to Hadoop and how to join the new “Hybrid Data World” that is rapidly taking shape. I will also wear many other hats, as you do at a fairly new company, providing support where needed. You’ll still find me out and about at conferences, writing blog posts (past posts at ritt.md/mRainey and new posts at mRainey.co), and on Twitter. The subject of my content will begin to evolve over time as I settle into my new role. Feel free to drop me an message on LinkedIn or at michael@mRainey.co if you’d like to keep in touch.

I look forward to my new adventures in the new world, but will always have a soft spot for Oracle Data Integrator. Time will only tell how much I will remain involved in the product, though I will miss my frequent interactions with other ODI evangelists and the product team at Oracle. You are a great group of individuals and I thank you all for the excellent support, ideas, and conversations over the years.

And of course, a big thank you to everyone at Rittman Mead for my first jump into the consulting business. I’ve met some great people and learned many valuable lessons, and new technologies, over the past 5 years. Rittman Mead encouraged me to pursue the Oracle ACE program, sponsored my many trips to speak at Oracle conferences throughout the USA and UK, and helped me grow in so many ways. I’m very thankful for Jon, Charles, and the rest of the team at Rittman Mead (both current and former colleagues). Cheers!

Some may say I’ve been lucky, blessed, in the right place at the right time, etc. However you label it, I’ve worked hard and I am prepared for the rare moment when opportunity knocks at the front door - and I wasn’t expecting anyone that day. It doesn’t always work out, but I’ve learned that every once in awhile, you better answer that door. I did!