Humanizing Technology — Appboy’s CEO at Mobile World Congress

The world’s largest mobile industry gathering is happening February 27–March 2. Mobile World Congress touts a wide variety of exhibitors, including 200 app-specific exhibitors, and top-notch speakers in all sectors of mobile. One of those speakers is Bill Magnuson, co-founder and CEO of Appboy, who will speak about “Next-Gen Intimacy: Get Personal with Customer Connections” — which boils down to how humanizing technology can lead to mobile success.

Humanizing technology means a few things, including how to integrate AI and location-based services without alienating your audiences throughout the entire user experience. When looking at humanizing technology, what better place to start than with the basics?

Basic #1: The Product

To create intimate connections and user experiences, start with the product. Kathleen Waugh, Appboy’s Senior Director of Brand and Community, emphasized that both product managers and mobile marketers must “treat onboarding like a process!”

And that onboarding starts with the product.

In designing a mobile app, take a step back and look at it from a user perspective to see if you’re humanizing technology or just creeping people out. Imagine if you just met someone and the very first thing they did was ask for your phone number or address. You’d run away as fast as possible and tell everyone to stay away. That’s exactly what users will do with your app if you start asking for too much information on the first user experience. By asking for exactly what you need in the FUE, you reduce friction and humanize your brand. You can use technologies like LinkedIn and Facebook signup to reduce friction even further. Follow what Thoreau said in Walden and “simplify, simplify, simplify!” your product’s onboarding.

Basic #2: Getting the Install

Kathleen discussed how critical it is to get the onboarding experience right as brands move across the web to native apps and back again. Mobile marketers can use technologies to create a great user experience with deep links, which connect web content to a page within an app. Previously, if a user didn’t have the app installed, the deep link wouldn’t work, but created deferred deep links that allow for a seamless experience post-install. By using Branch in advertising campaigns or on mobile web, the user gets the most out of the app without overwhelming them with information on install. If they were browsing a pair of red shoes on web and are prompted to download the app for an exclusive discount, they’ll be prompted to download and be directed immediately to those same red shoes within the app. By using Branch in advertising campaigns or on mobile web, mobile marketers can increase conversions up to 40%.

Basic #3: Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Appboy helps mobile marketers do this by creating drip push notification and email campaigns that use AI to automatically send the best performing campaigns. The user never sees this AI but is definitely impacted by it, which makes it a win-win for both users and mobile marketers.

As the mobile app market saturation continues, Appboy makes it clear that marketers need to adapt through personalization. This means mobile marketers can no longer rely on general data like knowing that mobile usage among millennials (as well as those 35 and older) peaks between 4–6 p.m. Mobile marketers must user personalization to send out messages at the right time for each unique user, and Appboy makes it incredibly simple to do just that with their Intelligent Delivery.

Beyond the Basics

Appboy’s Bill Magnuson will be diving deeper about personalizing the user experience beyond the basics in his talk at Mobile World Congress, February 27–March 2. You can purchase your tickets here, download SummitSync to connect with attendees (whether or not you purchase tickets!), and read up on Bill’s beliefs in creating great user experiences over adopting every shiny new tech toy.

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