LockChain Credibility — must read
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Bulgaria, a country run by criminals for criminals.

Forbes… Oh… “Forbes Bulgaria”… “Credible”.

The worst part is that are you so stupid you still have the fake Albert Murphy site online even now. http://albertmurphy.com/

Trained monkeys could do a better job of promoting your scam.

“Domain lockchain.co was registered late, because we initially thought using the domain chainlock.co (which was registered June 2017, feel free to check it yourself). If you open that domain, you will see its redirecting to lockchain.co.”

Great, and how about the explanation for the albertmurphy.com registration?

And with all your riches from your previous business you still can’t hire someone that writes English properly without ridiculous spelling and grammatical errors. Yea great investment!

But clearly… you have 150K EUR in registered capital in Bulgaria, so you must be legit. HAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHA!

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