that they will disrupt banks, governments, and Silicon Valley giants
A Letter to Jamie Dimon

They will.

Also, you must be using a different banking system than the rest of the world if you think the traditional banking system is faster, cheaper and better in every way than sending a payment with cryptocurrencies.

Even if you don’t want to deal with cryptocurrencies, if your customers do, BitPay offers a better and cheaper service than Visa/MasterCard.

Sorry but you’re way off the mark here. There are a lot of problems to work out for sure but saying banks are faster, cheaper and better in every way sounds like its coming from somebody that never sent an international payment in their life.

New fintech services like TransferWise help ease the pain in terms of cost and speed for some customers but with some serious limitations and it doesn’t work for everyone. Example, you can’t send USD outside of the US and you can’t send EUR outside of SEPA. Cryptocurrency (or cryptoasset, I don’t mind that distinction) can and will do even better in the years to come.

You also neglect to address the risks of inflation and centrlaized control over these legacy financial systems. Governments can and do recklessly print currency. They along with the banks can and do impose abitrary rules and regulations that are not good for everyone. They can and do simply turn off accounts.

You make a lot of good points and seem very well informed on one hand but on the other hand it seems like you are missing some of the most important pieces of this puzzle.

People like freedom and security a lot more than you give them credit for once they start to see the big picture. Governments and banks are not benevolent toward the vast majority of regular consumers, pretending like they are doesn’t make it so. Governments and banks are a threat to freedom and liberty, not protectors of it.