It is Not OK to be a content consultant, an online content marketer, a personal development…
Andrei Draganescu

Wow. This is awesome. I’ve been hella overwhelmed from everything you’re mentioning here. Attempting to understand the entrepreneurial game is exhausting, and the internet feels incredibly vast and untrustworthy when you’re standing at the edge of it trying to find a way in.

What reliable and trustworthy resources have you used or recommended in the past?

Additionally, I’ve noticed that the “listicles”, “how-to”s, and “your-happiness-is-determined-by”s seem to be a real problem in the wellness and entrepreneurial spaces. I’m curious to know: How do you think we move beyond this model? Obviously it works, right? People fall victim to the “easy-dream” and buy the product (even if only to find out later that it didn’t work out). But how do we ensure artistic and professional integrity? Is there such a thing as advertising ethics that you think need to be implemented to ensure the consumer/reader can trust the seller/author? And tying it into a larger picture conversation: In a world of fake news, how do we trust the internet again?

Very curious about all of this! Lots to learn. Thanks so much for sharing!

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