Why should we struggle?

Tehran University, 1979

A young political activist in Iran, who is experiencing ontological and existential crisis, asked me to tell him why, against odds and pressures, he should continue to struggle; why we should leave a comfortable life and enter a risky and thorny world of politics? He said that whatever he does, after finishing it, a question creeps into his mind: ‘What for?’

He said that if I want to answer it through the ideas and thoughts of others, then I shouldn’t bother, as he can read these for himself and possibly already has. …


Words became scarce

Words became scared

Words became silent

Words became non-words

Words became chained

Words …

And words, are not words anymore.

They carry nothing but silence.

Who could imagine that silence could be so heavy and so suffocating?

They become abstract, still, pure anger, frustration, desperation, suffocation.

They become yearning for peace. So, effective and creative words can flow out of that peace.

The peace after fire

The peace after the storm

The peace after the explosion of a volcano

The peace after the tsunami.

And peace in the middle of all of them.

Whenever one feels overwhelmed by all the destructive forces, then:

just look at the stars.

There, the soul of universe will run through one and with it bring peace, hope and wonder.

And love means to

And love means to suffer needlessly

And love means to love needlessly

And love means to be happy needlessly

And love means to not be alone needlessly

And love means to miss needlessly

And love means to be drawn into the trick of nature needlessly

And love means to seek a light in the darkness of the universe needlessly

And love means to seek warmth in the cold of the universe needlessly

And love means to be puzzled in the myth of life needlessly

And love means to have reason in a reasonless life needlessly


After 40 years, where is the Iranian revolution heading?

Mahmood Delkhasteh

It is hard to believe that Black Friday, the bloodiest day of the Iranian revolution, was 40 years ago When the heavy machinegun of the Russian armored vehicle stopped firing at us, my legs were trapped under the weight of other young girls and boys, so I turned back and shouted at them: “Stand up, you cowards! You knew this would be the day they are going to kill us…if you were that cowardly you should have stayed at home!” It was a few moments before I saw the…

Mahmood Delkhasteh

Mahmood Delkhasteh is a political sociologist and writer, specialising in Iranian and Middle Eastern politics, Islam, democracy and human rights.

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