005 – The Devil Inside Of Me


Frank Carter, possibly best known for his roles as the front man for bands the Gallows and Pure Love, today released a zero budget music video for his newest bands latest track ‘Devil Inside Of Me’ which premiered on thehundreds website today. Simply it’s so gnarly! Watch it! Now!

Carters latest band, appropriately named ‘Frank and the Rattlesnakes’ is a vicious and relentless punk experience that leaves you feeling beaten and bruised and inwardly reflective but with a strange sense that you can conquer the world and nothing will stand in your way.

His successful carreer in tattooing along side his musical prowess. And compellingly simple artworks leaves no doubt in the mind about Carters creativity and this video, dark, disturbing and simply fucked up resonates the anger and creativity of the entire album perfectly.

The video is constructed pixel by pixel in Microsoft paint and edited in a trial version of premiere, a labour of love and infinite frustration. Having dabbled with animation and video editing through my own personal work I can feel the frustration in every subtle pixel that falls, flows and explodes in an enticingly epileptic montage!

Frank describes the process he undertook to craft the video:

In a world of super hi-res, high budget music videos I decided to make our new video from single pixels on zero budget. Using a copy of Microsoft Pain and a 30 day trial version of Premiere Pro to cut it together, I illustrated, directed and edited our new video for the hit song “Devil Inside Me.”
After a few weeks locked away at a desk painstakingly digitally painting every single frame of this fucking video I have emerged victorious and now feel like it would be unfair NOT to unleash this monstrosity on the world.
36 million pixels later, I am proud of my first foray into the world of animation. Anybody needing a “unique” looking video that will torture the hearts and minds of those unfortunate enough to see it… You know where to find me.
Love Frank

Having seen Frank and the Rattlesnakes at an intimate gig in Brighton last year I can appreciate the honesty and emotion in every song this band has produced to date. The most accomplished output he has produced is evident from the DIY attitude he has taken with the video. Ownership and a confidence shows that high budget effects and equipment isn’t needed to convey a story.

If you haven’t already I recommend you check out the video, the album and show this dude and his band mates some much deserved love.


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