009 - Lightly Frying Leeks


So last night I made dinner for myself and Lottie and it was fucking awesome. Seriously it was insane. I know I’m bias, I meticulously crafted this edible masterpiece but damn it was one big plate of creamy cheesy hammy goodness.

There was something quite theraputic about making the whole dish that I haven’t felt before when cooking to the same degree. I have always enjoyed cooking, its a great relief after a hard day at work, where you can just lose yourself in the preparation and routine.

Last nights meal was a homemade Ham & Leek pasta dish served with garlic bread, I’ll detail the recipe and ingredients below for those interested in cooking this new favourite of ‘The Shack’ residents. (Note: I’m yet to put this in the post)

The thing that got me though was the actual frying off of the leeks and the slow and gentle process of stirring them around in the wok with the onions, herbs and garlic, adding stock every now and then whenever I felt the urge. The whole process was very cathartic and its hard to explain how that combined with a glass of red wine made the stresses of the day juts melt away. I found myself mindlessly stirring, thinking of … nothing and that was good. It was a solitary moment of function.

I suppose what I’m getting at is, the next time you feel stressed, your facing a brick wall or just need some muted down time, go fry a leek. Give it a try. Ok maybe it doesnt have to be a leek. Maybe a shallot? You get the idea. Cooking can be a great relaxtion tool and for the creatively minded its great to experiemtn in a different medium.

Stay rad!

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