Was It Abortion?

It was abortion, wasn’t it?

Each day I experience a new wave of nausea as I think about the devastating consequences a narrow margin of victory in an outdated electoral process is going to have for our country. Today’s came as I was looking at a chart in the New York Post detailing Trump’s changes of heart as he pivoted toward the reactionary wing of the Republican Party and into the White House.

Top on the list was abortion. Like so many Republicans past, including Ronald Reagan, Trump does not care about this issue except as a wedge. He was consistently pro-choice before he got involved in politics — even supporting late-term abortions — and waffling all the way to that over-the-top debate performance in which he graphically described (his impression of) a late-term abortion. That, I think, was the money shot — a propaganda poster made hideous flesh — for evangelical Christians. 83% of them voted for Trump, despite his violation of Christ’s dictums in matters too numerous to list.

Of course, that they could be swayed on such an issue — and by a convert so patently insincere — suggests bigotry, at least by omission. In other words, the impact a Trump presidency will have on real live souls and bodies—most of them American— was so minimized that a fake vow to protect hypothetical lives easily took the day.

Anyone who voted this way is not practicing a Christianity worthy of the name, so I hope to see unrivaled feats of repentant charity when these holy fools realize what they have done.