Day 13: Add to Cart

You ever have an itch to shop? Like it is not even because you have extra money or really need anything, you just want to buy stuff. Unfortunately for me, I get that itch A LOT. I could have like $10 in my checking account and I will go on Nike’s website to see what is on sale. When I am stressing a little, I shop. Problem is the reasons for stressing are incredibly stupid.

For example, whenever Kanye West releases a shoe that seems almost impossible for me to get and I obviously do not get them, I shop. Whenever I pay my bills and the stress of being broke gets to me, I shop. Whenever I am sad because one of my sports teams loses a big game, I shop. Whenever work gets me down, I shop. As you can see, there is a trend here. I like to shop for the stupidest reasons.

If you have read my “Day 8: The Blitz” post you would probably notice I am a How I Met Your Mother fan. In an episode, one of the main characters, Lilly, has to deal with her shopping addiction. Her addiction was so bad that she had maxed out 15 credit cards. Like me, she had the stupidest reasons for shopping. She would always try to rationalize buying more stuff, even though she could not afford it. This episode is one I always reference for myself when I want to buy things. Like Lilly, I like to try and rationalize why I need things, even when I cannot afford it or do not need it. Last thing I want though is to be in so much debt that I put my future at risk.

At this point, you may be wondering how much money I am indebted because I like to shop so much. Surprisingly, my debt besides what I owe for school is not as bad as you would think. I admit that I have trapped myself with store credit cards in the past, which are the worst things to invest in. I truly believe that this episode of How I Met Your Mother really helped me control a bad habit.

As I said earlier, I would have the stupidest reasons to shop. Shopping does not necessarily mean buying things though. So what I have learned to do is to go on all these websites I like to buy things from and add everything I want to the cart. Then I go through everything and figure out what are the things I really want. If I truly want something, I make myself practice patience. If I want something that much, I should be able to wait till I can afford it and not feel broke.

My biggest problem is I like expensive things, especially shoes. Sometimes with shoes it is hard to be patient because they sell out so fast. It is only in these instances that I allow myself to stretch what I can actually afford. This is only because once a heavily sought after shoe is gone, you will either never be able to purchase again, or have to pay an absurd amount of money to a person who buys shoes just to resell them. The good thing is that out of ten shoes I may really want, I would be lucky to get even one. As upset as I can get from not getting them, the difficulty helps control my addiction.

Throughout my life I have been blessed to be able to get everything I need and for the most part want in terms of material things. As lucky as I am though, that type of privilege has me wanting a lot. Of course you will never be able to get everything you want. So you have to learn to appreciate the things you have. You also have to realize that material things come and go. You will always be wanting something, especially if you have lived a privileged life. Do not let your wants control your needs. Do not let your wants get in the way of your future. And do not let your wants deprive you from being able to enjoy experiences with others.