#MLBerlin 2

A few words about the second edition of #MLBerlin

Simone from Peat.ai at #MLBerlin1

Hey there,

We had a great time at #MLBerlin1 gathering the Berlin-based community of AI practitioners in the same room and learning more about 20bn, 6voices and Peat.ai. Thanks again to all of you who joined. We thought it was about time to do a second edition!

Here it comes:

Themes: “Diabetes Monitoring, Autopilot for Farms, Automated Sales Agent and Omnichannel Bots in the Enterprise.”

Keeping in mind our goal to help AI communities from different cities get together, we’ll have a international line-up this time with 4 great speakers coming from London, Düsseldorf and Berlin.

  1. Sebastian Sujka and Matteo Carli, CEO and CTO of Xbird, will tell you how they help people monitoring risks linked to diabetes using AI. Both of them are Berlin-based serial entrepreneurs and are on a mission to save 1 million lives by 2020, more here.
  2. Dr. Assaf Bar-Moshe, Linguistic Engineer at the SaaSco and Professor at the University of Heidelberg, will speak about NLP to explain how they automate Sales communications with LISA. More here.
  3. David Hunter, ex-Head of Algorithmic Trading at Deutsche Bank, changed fields after spending some time at Oxford’s Machine Learning Lab. He is now building Optimal, an AI-agent to control greenhouses. He’ll come directly from London —or from a greenhouse in the NL—to tell you more. The project is still in stealth mode, no other options that coming to the event to learn more.
  4. Last but not least, Philipp Heltewig, ex-CIO of Sitecore (Stockholm based Unicorn) will come present his new venture called Cognigy. He will tell you more about Omnichannel bots in the Enterprise.

Same program

- 1 hours with 4 product-oriented presentations
- 2 hours of casual networking


- September 28th, 7pm


- Infosys HQ, Saarbrücker Straße 36, Berlin

Hope to see many of you there!

We’ll restrict the audience to 100 people, make sure to apply early: https://m-l.berlin/

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment here.