5 reasons, why hybrid (HTML5) mobile apps are taking over the world.

Here at Mohammed Lakkadshaw & Co, a mobile app design and development company we are stroked about hybrid apps.

What are hybrid apps?

Hybrid apps are web apps that run natively on mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

1. Runs on multiple platforms

The beauty of hybrid apps is — you build one app and runs in on many platforms. You can easily package the app to run on common platforms like iOS, Android, Windows.

2. Cost effective.

Hybrid apps are a lot economical to build and operate. Cause you’re building one app and running on multiple platforms, instead of building multiple apps for each platfrom.

3. Native performance

Some companies tell you, hybrid apps don’t give as much performance as native one’s. while that might be true to some extent a few years back. These days with the advent of latest technologies in the web specifically, for building hybrid mobile apps, like AngularJs and Ionic, hybrid apps give near native feel and touch. Whole e-commerce platfroms can be build using Hybrid apps. How we know? Cause we have build them.

4. Less development time required.

Hybrid apps require a lot less time to build than traditional apps, that mean faster idea to market. In today’s superfast world where you need to reach your customers as soon as possible, Hybrid apps is a good solution.

5. Easy to iterate and change overtime.

Hybrid apps are written in the language on the web and hence are easy, fast and economical to make design change or to expand the functionality on the app, Cause you don’t need to through away a lot of code and you need to make changes only once as regards to building seprate apps for different platforms

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