How to build a great app without spending a fortune.

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You have an idea for an app, poeple especially development companies tell you that you will have to spend a fortune building your app and outsourcing is a bad word you shouldn’t use.

But, we know better, here is a simple guide to build a great app at the lowest possible price.

I have a simple rule of thumb, knowledge reduces cost exponentially. The more knowledge you have the less you pay.

As, a base approch try and find out answers to the above questions and jot down what you know on a sheet of paper.

  1. What you want to build and what platforms you want to build on. eg iOS Android etc.
  2. Who are your customers
  3. where to get the devlopers and designers
  4. when you want the app? what is the time frame available to you.

Now, lets start building a team, we will take two common scenarios one by one:

  1. You want to build a simple app, which doesn’t have a lot of graphics and complexities.
  2. You want to build a complex app or a game.

Scenario 1

If you are building a simple app the best approch would be to build a web app and package it using a packaging software (phonegap) that would convert it into an iOS, android, windows app. This way you make one app and ship it across platforms.

For this you will need a mobile designer and a web developer.

What to look for in a Designer?

Look at their portfolio, alternatively look at the best selling apps on the mobile store that are LIKE your app. for eg- if you are a todo app, look for todo apps, note taking apps, contacts apps, basically any app with two three pages of content. Doing this will give you a sense of design for your app. This way you can better evaluate the designer’s portfolio and understand wheather he will be a good fit for you.

for more info go to how to pick a great designer

What to look for in a Developer?

  1. Big time AngularJS skills, If the dev knows ionic even better.
  2. Look for serious HTML CSS skills, find out if the dev has made good looking websites and web apps in the past (Cause it is difficult to build great looking websites)
  3. PhoneGap.

I will talk about Scenario 2 in the next part of this article.

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