Sports with Benefits

The pitcher releases the ball, the high arch makes the batter wait a few extra seconds then, CRACK! The ball is sailing deep into the outfield. The rush athletes get from hitting the ball, making the basket, or scoring a touchdown is astronomically better than the feeling they get from getting a B on their Stats test.

Intramural sports are a great way to have that feeling, make friends with similar interests, and get some exercise. Everyone needs a break from studies for a while. Putting a team together and playing a sport is both mentally and physically healthy.

Intramural sports, at Kent State, are easy to be become a part of. There is a wide variety of sports to partake in. Within those sports there are subset groups such as co-rec, Greek, Men’s, and Women’s. There is a spot for everyone. Teams are easy to setup, too. Students and faculty interested can register online at There is a fee for teams before the season. This fee is small compared to the great experience students obtain from the games.

“Getting a time where I can go exercise, just get out a bit; give my mind a bit of a break, so I can be more productive with my work load.” AJ Yelen, Student

Students should be a part of intramural sports for a number of reasons. First, and most important, is the physical exercise student get by just being outside and walking/running around. It is easy in college, especially in the first semesters, to let eating habits and exercise routines to be thrown off. Students are up late at night or up early in the morning, and the first thing on their mind is usually not physical fitness; nor is it the calorie count in the pasta they are eating for lunch.

“It’s an awesome way to build comradeship amongst the team, and it’s really good exercise.” Daniel Sherman, Student

Students should also join intramural sports for the social experience. Being on a team builds social skills that will be helpful in the work environments they hope to be after graduation. If the student is a captain of the team, then they are gaining leadership experience, communication skills, and time management.

“For me as a student, I’m just having a good time.” Yelen

Phelan Fletcher made intramural sports her career. She started by playing softball, flag football, soccer, volleyball and team handball at East Carolina University. While she was balancing school and intramural sports, she worked for the intramural program by score keeping, being a site manager, and office assistant.

“I love working with students. I get to provide an opportunity to play.” Fletcher

Sports are more than a competition. They give students a competitive drive. Within this competitive drive brings a motivation to be competitive outside of sports. There is a motivation to stay on the team. There is no reason to be behind on school work, after all that is the reason students are here at Kent. Keeping up with school work, having a new found competitive drive, leadership skills, communication skills, and time management are all reasons to be on an intramural sports team.

It’s time to get out of the dorms, classroom, and library to play a game outside in the fresh air and exercise.

To stay in touch with your team on IMLeagues go to to register.