Funny J.Jayalalitha Posters Before & After her acquittal

After Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha @ Amma was convicted in the DA case, her mentally retarded “Children” went on a “promotional spree” for her ….. to the extent of even criticizing the judiciary & its verdict…

As an initial step , she was promoted as “ மக்களின் முதல்வர் ” meaning “ People’s CM ”…!!

The below poster , threatened the Tamil Nadu dwelling Kannadiga ppl if People’s CM @ Jayalalitha was not released immediately…

Fortunately the police were only able to remove the poster & not the persons behind it…!!

Jaya as “Lady Justice”

Jaya fans aspiration to see her as Karnataka CM can be seen here…

After recent movies faced political trouble for their release… the cine field took this opportunity to show their solidarity for her… even though she was convicted..!!

The Bar council & Chief Justice were blind to this..since this doesn’t come under the Contempt of Court…!!

Some retards forgot the fact that even the “ Lady Justice @ நீதி தேவதை ” were equal under the Law

As if the “Amma Canteen” were started from her Pocket…!!

Some Anti-Vijay fans made better use of this opportunity…!!! ☺

The only satisfying poster was this.. by the Trichy Law college students

After HER acquittal

On the contrary , only few posters were seen after her acquittal from the case…May be the have got what they wanted afterall ..!!

Epic was the ADMK’s webpage….

Hope to see this page if this verdict is overturned in the Supreme Court..!!

Future…not so soon…

Am waiting…!!

PS: The AIADMK or any of its members may or may not be involved in any of the above posters…. but it was funny watching those…!!

Pic Courtesy : To whomsoever it may concern. Thanks

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