Picture: “PixelHELPER.org; Dirk-Martin Heinzelmann”, Berlin US-Embassy, February 2020.

The Assange case reveals a judicial and media failure of the first order. Not only Assange’s life is at stake, but the values of the Western world.

By Milosz Matuschek

“The truth will set you free,” says the Gospel of John, chapter 8, verse 32. A similar principle is inherent in the constitutions of the Western world. The freedom of opinion, press, information and science is hardly conceivable without John Stuart Mills’ “Truth Principle”: Without freedom rights there is no truth; without truth there is no informed decision; without informed decision there is no democracy.

Cynicism: first act
How much is left of it if Julian Assange, exercising these rights, is sitting in a British prison and waiting for his extradition to the USA? The Assange case is…

We want to solve the inheritance problem in crypto (and the real world) and ask you today for your support!

Have you ever heard of Tadeusz Kosciuszko? He was a noble man from Poland who fought for America in the war of independence, founded West Point and has a bridge in New York named after him.

But most importantly: he left the most beautiful last will of all times.

Being a close friend to Thomas Jefferson and an enlightened humanist at the same time, put him into a dilemma: Kosciuszko wasn´t comfortable at all with the fact, that Jefferson owned slaves. If all men were created equal in rights, slavery was a crime. Few people looked at it that way…

A new squad of pioneers, programmers and entrepreneurs is about to change the world. Herein lies also a great opportunity of self-emancipation for the millennial generation.

In 1856, Napoleon III had a problem. In Algeria uprisings were breaking out, led by local magicians, the Marabouts. People were faithfully devout to the power of these wizards. What was to be done? Intervene violently ? Set an example ? Nothing of the sort. Napoleon sent Jean-Robert Houdin, the French master-magician, to Algeria, who convinced the leaders of the local tribes of France’s superiority over the Marabout’s magical powers by performing tricks. …

When we talk about Bitcoin and Co., it is often said that it must be a speculation bubble. This however could turn out to be a mistake.

If you had a choice, what would you choose? You will receive either

a) 10,000 dollars per week over the period of one year, or

b) twice as much as the previous week during the same period, starting with one cent.

If you think like most people do, then you intuitively choose the impressive sum of 10,000 dollars a week and at the end of the year you are 520,000 dollars richer. …

Dr. Milosz Matuschek

Founder, CEO @eternitas.io, lawyer IP/IT, writer

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