How To Be The Next Design Thinker

With so many problems in the world, how can one person go about trying to make a change? The best way for you as an individual to tackle any of life’s greatest challenges is with design thinking. But what is design thinking? Design thinking is a methodology used to solve complex problems — making one’s self stay solution focused and action oriented to create a preferred future rather than having a problem focused mindset. Here are a few ways you can achieve this futuristic mindset:

First you need to learn how to empathize with others. Empathy is such an important part of design thinking because there is no way to solve a problem looking from the outside in. Unless you can fully relate and comprehend why certain actions are taking place and what affect it is having on people then you can’t solve it.

Next you must define the problem you are trying to solve. Focus on what is going on, why it is happening, and why you think it is happening. The defining mode is one where you create your point of view on the subject and begin to specify the issue in order to create a solution-generated springboard to this newly reframed problem.

Now is it time for you to form a wide variety of solutions through ideation. This mode puts your imagination and creativity in practice. Figure out as many solutions to the problem as you can without taking into consideration any of the logistics. Go beyond the obvious or frequently thought of solutions and stretch your mind into the unorthodox realm of problem solving.

After all your imagination has been used to create as many solutions as you can, you must begin to build prototypes for your theories. Now it is time for you to take on the physical world. Think about the reality of the problem and logistical ways you can solve it. Learn what works and doesn’t work. Figure out if your solution is feasible and if not move on quickly. The main goal is to get through as many unrealistic ideas you may have and figure out which ones will work in real life.

Finally, we end with putting these prototypes into action through tests. During this mode you can refine your ideas from any feedback you many receive while continuing to learn about your users. Be as confident as you can with your prototype, as if you know you’re right, but test as if you’re wrong. There is nothing more important than ensuring your solution is accurate and feasible before applying it to the real thing. Remember, you can always just try again.

So there you have it — design thinking, seems pretty easy right? While it may seem simple on paper it takes a bit more creativity and discipline in real life, but it can be done. And the world has seen it be done. Change doesn’t happen without someone figuring out how to reform ideals. Problems don’t go away by themselves, it takes a person finding a solution. So go out there and try to solve the complex problems of the world! What can it hurt? So you’re wrong every time…it only takes being right once to change everything. Be the next revolutionary thinker and problem solver; the only person stopping yourself is you.

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